10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (2023)

Massively multiplayer online games, commonly referred to as MMOs, have had a loyal following for decades. Taking hundreds of hours to "finish", they are notoriously difficult to access even when they can be fully completed.

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That said, there's never been a better time to get into MMOs. Over the past decade, MMOs have become more accessible and diverse. Therefore, MMOs are suitable for everyone, even those who like single-player games. Thanks to a large community of players and constantly updated worlds, MMO games offer a gaming experience like no other.

Updated by Kitty Leggett on January 15, 2023:MMOs change and often improve over time. While new games are slow to develop, many old classics only get better. Therefore, this article has been updated to reflect the change from the expansion to last year's patch.

10 Destiny 2 combines science fiction and magic

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (1)

fate 2is an FPS shooter that mixes a lot of MMORPG elements to great effect. Between the amazing raids, challenging dungeon experiences, and frequent moments of random co-op, Destiny 2 feels less like a shooter and more like a true MMO.

From Bungie, the creators of Halo, the combat in Destiny 2 is exciting and has a real impact to it. Plus, using each weapon is a lot of fun. With new seasons and expansions released every year, there areenjoy more contentand get new weapons.

9 Lord of the Rings Online stays true to its setting

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (2)

The Lord of the Rings Online, also known as LotRO, is different from many other MMOs that are still around today. While some engage players in their battles, complex courses, or hundreds of hours of endgame content, LotRO has something different. LotRO has all the features listed above, but the real reason to play the game is its story.


The developers have skillfully translated the pages of Tolkien's fantasy epic into an MMO experience like no other. Each story is deep, complex and incredibly well written. Players can even experience the entire Lord of the Rings story by following a quest through Middle Earth, culminating in the Battle of the Black Gate. LotRO is still actively supported and its story continues to this day.

8 Warframe focuses on acrobatic movements

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (3)

Many MMOs focus on large worlds or extended stories, butcontext of warChoose to focus all your energy on the game. There is no tagging, instead, players move through levels in acrobatic, fast-paced action while shooting and killing enemies with a variety of weapons.

the story may not be the point, but there are still missions the player wants to complete. Again, most of the content can be done alone if the player wants to, but Warframe can often be improved by adding friends. Warframe also offers plenty of customization options for its aesthetics and gameplay.

7 Guild Wars 2 is still going strong

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (4)

it was about timefierce battleis a name known to all MMO players and has become one of the leaders in the industry. He's had a rough time since then, at least until the recent release of End of Dragons. For a while, Guild Wars 2 struggled to find direction for the game as a whole, but the new expansion proved to be a breath of fresh air.

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Guild Wars 2 is free to play and easy to try. With fun combat and plenty of adventure, players are likely to stick around. There's a decade of content to enjoy and a great community to enjoy together.

6 Star Wars: The Old Republic is a force to be reckoned with

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (5)

Much like Guild Wars,Star Wars: The Old Republicis a once-classic MMO whose popularity has declined over time. Although the story was great, later expansion packs had issues that left some players very unhappy. However, Star Wars: TOR is still very actively supported, and the developers say they have "no plans to stop anytime soon."

Many are optimistic that Star Wars: TOR will continue to improve. The world of Star Wars alone is worth experiencing, and players have the opportunity to travel the galaxyand play different courses, such as Jedi Knights, Sith, Bounty Hunters and even Republic Troopers.

5 EVE Online has all the space a player needs

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (6)

EVE Online is an MMO and like Destiny 2, it can be a single player experience. However, there are millions of other players around the world constantly exploring the universe at the same time.

Therefore, EVE Online is a unique experience withSome of the best spaceships to flyThis can be seen in video games, except in some surprisingly large communities. EVE Online even holds several Guinness World Records for massive wars fought between communities.

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (7)

With how often Skyrim gets re-released, it's easy to forget what the Elder Scrolls really is.The Elder Scrolls OnlineEvery effort has been made to capture this. Acting as an effective prequel to the rest of the series, ESO allows players to explore Tamriel's distant past.

While not as closed off as the single-player Elder Scrolls games, ESO still does its best. If the player sees something on the shelf,I can usually grab it.One aspect of the game that really shines is its stealth gameplay. Full support to become a skilled thief or rogue member of the Dark Brotherhood.

3 World of Warcraft is coming to life again

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (8)

As one of the oldest MMO games still around,World of WarcraftThere have been many ups and downs in the game's long lifespan. While the future of World of Warcraft is somewhat uncertain after innocuous and controversial internal updates from Blizzard, the new expansion Dragonflightit looks like it will revive the gameAfter a lot of sleep.

World of Warcraft's biggest advantage over many other MMOs is the size of its world. The only loading screens players will encounter are dungeons or moving between continents. In addition, exploration is encouraged and greatly rewarded, offering everything from quests to countless Easter eggs to uncover.

2 Runescape is still a classic MMO

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (9)

Since its launch in 2001, Runescape has remained a classic, even surpassing many other games that were meant to exclude it. It has a lighter tone and is more focused on humor than many other MMOs, and its uniqueness helps it hold its own.

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Players can still save the day from dragons and monsters, or they can focus on an unusually sized duck, a cabbage farm in need, or stop a penguin plot. Runescape also pioneered the free-to-play MMO, allowing even free-to-play players to enjoy tons of old and new content.

1 Final Fantasy XIV shows how sophisticated an MMO can be

10 Best MMO Games of 2023 (10)

final fantasy 14 can have a rough start, but since the release of A Realm of Rebirth his popularity has skyrocketed. With the huge success of the Endwalker expansion pack, the game shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and exciting patches will only add to the fun.

What Final Fantasy XIV is best known for is its sprawling story and brilliant craftsmanship — very little goes wrong. For players who want to take a break from adventuring, there are plenty of side activities, from climbing in Riichi Mahjong to living on a laid-back island, maintaining a comfortable farm, and even decorating a house.

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10 Best MMO Games of 2023? ›

Over a decade old and still the most popular MMORPG game in the world, World of Warcraft is a bit special.

What is the #1 MMORPG? ›

Over a decade old and still the most popular MMORPG game in the world, World of Warcraft is a bit special.

Is New World worth playing 2023? ›

The game's unique blend of survival and MMO elements, coupled with the rich world of Aeternum, offers a refreshing and immersive gaming experience. With its ever-evolving gameplay, the Brimstone Sands expansion, and a dedicated player base, New World has truly established itself as a title worth exploring in 2023.

What is the most active MMO right now? ›

World of Warcraft

This MMORPG needs no introduction. World of Warcraft has been the King of MMOs since 2004, and while other games have fought for its crown in recent years, WoW is still one of the most popular MMOs right now.

What is the most popular MMO in 2023? ›

2023 Population Chart
RankGameActive Players
1World of Warcraft2,383,748
2Old School RuneScape1,823,043
3FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn1,596,295
4Path of Exile1,062,146
93 more rows

Is New World Dead 2023? ›

No, New World is not in danger of being shut down.

The most recent Roadmap update shows that AGS has plans for events, features and updates throughout the rest of this year of 2023. They most likely have more things planned for 2024+.

What is the biggest MMORPG of all time? ›

The king of MMORPGs is undoubtedly World of Warcraft.

It shook the video game market to its core when it released in 2004, peaking at 12 million players in 2010. The amount of content and player variety makes it among the leading MMORPGs and best games of all time.

Is Elden Ring an MMO? ›

Elden Ring gets a huge new mod inspired by MMORPGs, including its own free expansion packs, upgraded multiplayer, and a wealth of other features.

What is the most game in 2023? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2023
1PUBGPUBG Corporation
2MinecraftMojang Studios
3Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
4Fortnite Battle RoyaleEpic Games
6 more rows
May 19, 2023

Is New World fun as a solo player? ›

Solo play in New World is another feature that's more accessible here than in some other RPG-based MMOs. The game has a strong survivalist angle and it's easy to level in the wilderness without joining a party.

What MMOs are worth playing right now? ›

  • Neverwinter. Neverwinter continues to boast a thriving player population and ongoing content updates that keep this D&D single-player MMO from 2013 feeling fresh. ...
  • Lost Ark. ...
  • New World. ...
  • Guild Wars 2. ...
  • World of Warcraft Dragonflight. ...
  • Black Desert.
Mar 31, 2023

Is Wow still the most played MMO? ›

This data puts World of Warcraft in the topmost played MMO position, beating the likes of Destiny 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Roblox, Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV and more.

Which MMO has the most PvP? ›

Top 10 MMORPGs With Stellar PvP You Can Play In 2023
  • Guild Wars 2. World vs World, Structured PvP, Costume Brawls... that's why we're kicking off this list with Guild Wars 2. ...
  • New World. ...
  • Albion Online. ...
  • EVE Online. ...
  • Mortal Online 2. ...
  • Black Desert Online. ...
  • World Of Warcraft. ...
  • Lord Of The Rings Online.
Mar 2, 2023

How many people are playing ESO 2023? ›

Thanks to Activeplayer.io, which is solely an estimate, we can see that in the last 30 days from May 1, 2023, an average of 5,050,216 players logged into Elder Scrolls Online.

Is Albion Online worth playing 2023? ›

In conclusion, now is actually the best time ever to play Albion for both new and veteran players. The amount of relevant content is unmatched, there is a wider variety of weapons and armor than ever before, the player base is booming, and you can play wherever you are on mobile or PC.

Will there ever be a new MMORPG? ›

NCSoft's upcoming title, Throne and Liberty, will release sometime in the first half of 2023 on PC and consoles. It's likely to be the most ambitious and visually stunning MMORPG to come out this year. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Is New World losing players? ›

According to SteamCharts, New World has seen an average of 16,945 players in the last 30 days, which is a slight bump from the 14,752 average players in March. As the data suggests, New World has lost a considerable amount of players since its peak but it still maintains a reasonably sized and dedicated playerbase.

Is New World in trouble? ›

People are describing this as New World's biggest issue. Low player counts in multiple servers are actually hindering gameplay due to degrading stations, trickling economies, and dead endgame content. Amazon Games New World's low server populations are causing residual damage to various systems in the game.

Is New World for free? ›

Players can stay on the free track if they like, but upgrading to the premium version will grant more rewards per level including cosmetics, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and more.

Which MMO has the biggest map? ›

14 Biggest Open World MMORPGs (From Smallest To Largest)
  • 1 Minecraft - 4 billion km2.
  • 2 World War 2 Online - 350,000 km2. ...
  • 3 Lord Of The Rings Online - 77,700km2. ...
  • 4 Guild Wars Nightfall - 38,850km2. ...
  • 5 Asheron's Call - 1,295km2. ...
  • 6 ArcheAge - 600km2. ...
  • 7 Star Wars Galaxies - 518km2. ...

What was the biggest MMO before WoW? ›

RuneScape was also the world's largest free MMORPG, though it received less media attention than WoW. With the release of these newer games, subscriptions began to decline for many older MMORPGs, even the year-old Lineage II, and in particular Everquest.

What is the shortest lived MMO? ›

The shortest-lived MMORPG was APB (Realtime Worlds, 2010), which launched on 29 June 2010 and ran for just 79 days before its closure was announced on 16 September 2010. The game reportedly cost $50m to develop and was shut down when developer Realtime Worlds went into administration.

What is the oldest surviving MMO? ›

12 Of The Oldest MMORPGs You Can Still Play Today, Ranked By Age
  1. 1 Ultima Online (1997) Ultima online gameplay.
  2. 2 EverQuest (1999) Everquest Old MMO. ...
  3. 3 Anarchy Online (2001) ...
  4. 4 Dark Age Of Camelot (2001) ...
  5. 5 RuneScape (2001) ...
  6. 6 A Tale In The Desert (2003) ...
  7. 7 EVE Online (2003) ...
  8. 8 World Of Warcraft (2004) ...
Feb 25, 2023

What percentage of MMO players are female? ›

Genre preferences
High fantasy MMO36%64%
Japanese RPG33%66%
Western RPG26%74%
Survival roguelike25%75%
19 more rows

What is the average player age in MMO? ›

The survey found that the typical MMO player is a male between the ages of 13 and 34, with a mean age of 27.

What game is most like Elden Ring? ›

In our humble opinion, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is the game most like Elden Ring. This high-fantasy RPG features an intensely weird story that has your character getting their heart ripped out by a dragon in the opening cutscene.

Why is Elden Ring so popular? ›

One of the reasons Elden Ring has been so successful is that FromSoftware decided to use an open world for the first time. An open world not only appeals to a broader audience of players but also fits in well with the aesthetic of games developed by FromSoftware.

Is Elden Ring truly open world? ›

Unlike FromSoftware's previous Souls-like titles, Elden Ring is an open-world game. While their past games were unarguably large in size, they were never truly open-world—not even close. Despite that, the titles always had multiple ways of entering and leaving a given area.

What is the #1 Game of the Year? ›

2022 Game of the Year Winner: Elden Ring

Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What game is shutting down in 2023? ›

Knockout City, the team-based 'dodgebrawler' from Velan Studios and EA, will be shut down on 6 June 2023. It becomes the latest in a long line of live service games being sunsetted, following in the footsteps of EA's own Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile, as well as Rumbleverse, and Fuser.

What will be the Game of the Year 2023? ›

'Elden Ring' Wins Game of the Year at the 2023 Game Developers Choice Awards | News | GDC | Game Developers Conference.

Does New World cost per month? ›

Does New World require a monthly subscription? New World does not have a monthly subscription fee. This means that once you purchase the game, there are no ongoing costs or fees to play it.

What is the max money in New World? ›

Please keep in mind that there is a coin limit set at 500 000, usually referred to as the "gold cap." So your character cannot overpass that gold cap at any given time. In other words, upon reaching the coin limit, you have to start spending your money and re-invest it in your trade skills, gear, housing, or company.

Is New World worth trying? ›

New World, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Amazon Game Studios, had a rocky release in 2021. Critics and players alike cited repetitive gameplay, unfulfilling grinds, and a convoluted endgame system as reasons for the game's poor reception.

What game is New World most like? ›

  • Old School RuneScape (iOS)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (PS4)
  • Destiny 2 (PS4)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)
  • Lost Ark (PC)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (PS4)
  • Black Desert Online (PC)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)
Sep 27, 2022

Does New World have endgame? ›

New World's endgame is very focused on dungeons and group PvP, and as a solo player, I worried I was going to hit a brick wall. Happily, I can now report I was wrong to be concerned. To be clear, while questing is where my heart lies, I'm not opposed to running dungeons.

What games is New World like? ›

Why do MMOs cost monthly? ›

Not only does a monthly package offer MMO fans an opportunity to access a bigger and better experience, but it also provides them an open invitation to more consistent play. Comfortable with their stable monthly spend, fans find it easier to return more often to the world of other players, teams, and competitors.

How much do people spend on MMOs? ›

The average total amount spent per lifetime on MMO games is $229, but that number can be misleading. Most gamers spend between $50-$100 on microtransactions in MMOs, but a few (about 5.6%) spend well over $1,000 on in-game purchases.

Is Lost Ark still popular 2023? ›

Is Lost Ark still popular 2023? In February 2022, it was released in America and Europe where it was published by Amazon Games and quickly gained popularity. In February 2023, Lost Ark generated approximately 231 thousand peak concurrent players on gaming platform Steam.

What game has most active players? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.MinecraftMojang Studios
2.FortniteEpic Games
3.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
4.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
16 more rows
Mar 28, 2023

How many WoW players are left? ›

How many people play World of Warcraft: Monthly count. For May 2023, it's estimated that an average of 2,393,794 players log in to continue their World of Warcraft adventures each day.

What game has the most players? ›

The topmost played popular game in the world is Minecraft. It was released in 2011 and was managed to sell above 238 million copies of the game with around 600 registered players across many platforms.

Who is best PvP player? ›

One of the greatest PvP gamers ever is xNestorio. Bows, fishing rods, and swords are three of the three weapons he is proficient with. He is challenging to defeat regardless of play style.

Which game has the best PvP? ›

10 Best PvP Games Of All Time
  • 8 Magic: The Gathering.
  • 7 Valorant.
  • 6 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • 5 Dota 2.
  • 4 League Of Legends.
  • 3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • 2 Street Fighter 5.
  • 1 Tekken 7.
Feb 9, 2023

What are the next upcoming MMORPGs? ›

Upcoming MMORPGs That Might Release Beyond 2023

High on the anticipation list is Soulframe, Ashes of Creation, the Riot MMO, ArcheAge 2, Star Citizen, and the Horizon MMO. Others, like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, BitCraft, Profane, Project LLL, and Legend of Ymir, are ones to keep in mind, too.

Is World of Warcraft free to play in 2023? ›

Ways to play WoW for free in 2023

As mentioned, WoW is free for characters up to level 20. So when you first play WoW, it'll be for free. Characters in the free version of WoW are capped at level 20 and you'll not be able to play the latest content. Next, the most obvious way is with WoW Tokens.

What is the next Final Fantasy MMO? ›

Final Fantasy 16 release date

To cut to the chase, Final Fantasy 16 will release on 22 June 2023, as confirmed at The Game Awards in December 2022. You can see that story and gameplay trailer below.

What is the next big MMO for Blizzard? ›

Gamers and fans of Blizzard Entertainment eagerly await the announcement of their latest project, a survival MMO game “Odyssey.” The company has a track record of producing popular titles, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo, and expectations are high for their newest offering.

Is Elden Ring A MMORPG? ›

Elden Ring gets a huge new mod inspired by MMORPGs, including its own free expansion packs, upgraded multiplayer, and a wealth of other features.

What is MMO vs MMORPG? ›

To put it in simpler terms, an MMO is a game which a large number of people can play simultaneously. You don't play with or against just a handful of players, but thousands, sometimes even millions of them at the same time. MMORPG means “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.”

Is Lost Ark worth getting into in 2023? ›

Fast forward to 2023 and many of us can't imagine life without the game – especially those of us who've spent years playing the other games mentioned above. Lost Ark has become a must-play for MMO fans and the RPG has a truly exciting roadmap of content ahead.

Is Lost Ark a success? ›

Lost Ark has been an unequivocal success for Amazon's publishing arm, taking the big Korean MMOARPG west. But after a wild launch with 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam, a short while later it came crashing down to a low of about 340,000 concurrents.

Is Lost Ark worth playing long term? ›

Lost Ark has a huge amount of content, with over 30 hours of main story quests, tons of side quests, dungeons, and more. The game also features an end-game with various activities such as world bosses, raids, and PvP. Lost Ark is definitely a game that will keep you busy for a long time.

Can you play WoW for free forever? ›

World of Warcraft is always FREE to play up to level 20, but in order to play high level characters you'll need a subscription.

What is better WoW or WoW Classic? ›

Classic (and classic era) is much slower leveling, much more complex character builds, and overall slower travel. The learning curve is a bit more steep.

Is WoW still popular? ›

WoW Player Count 2023

According to the latest esports guides' estimates, there are roughly 8.5 million monthly players. In the last three years, the monthly player activity has ranged from 7.2 million (the lowest in 2019) to 9.5 million (the highest in 2021).

Will Square Enix make another Final Fantasy MMO? ›

Final Fantasy 14 fans will have to wait until early 2024 for the next expansion of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG to release. Final Fantasy 14 fans will have to wait until next year to play the next expansion for the critically-acclaimed MMORPG.

Will Final Fantasy 14 end? ›

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker signifies the end of an era. One story, started nine years ago, has ended with a stunning and heartwarming conclusion, while the promise of a new adventure awaits on the horizon.

Is Square Enix working on a new MMO? ›

Square Enix Currently Has 'No Plans' For A New Final Fantasy MMO After XIV.


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