All the Names on James Reece's Terminal List (and What They Did) (2023)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Terminal List.

The basis of the Prime Video adaptationterminal listit's James Reece's actual list of people to kill, all involved in the death of his family and the SEAL team. With Chris Pratt as Commander James Reece,terminal listThis includes co-stars Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney, Constance Wu, LaMonica Garrett and Jeanne Tripplehorn with David DiGilio serving as writer/showrunner. The show is the newest entry in Prime Video's military thriller series, asreachermijack ryan, based on books and/or characters from popular novels of the genre.


terminal listis Carr's first novel, starring Reece, written with Pratt in mind. The role is a big change for Pratt, who trades the goofy charm of roles like Andy Dwyer and Starlord for a hard-nosed military professional. Playing a war-torn Navy SEAL is what he's made for.Chris Pratt, online reactionand everyone who radiates Reece's emotional loss, pain, strength, and revenge with inspired abandon. After the death of his entire SEAL team, and after his wife and daughter, Reece sets out to eliminate everyone responsible for their deaths from top to bottom.

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Reece creates a "death list" on the back of his daughter's latest drawing, adding names as new revelations emerge.terminal listit grows to include all sorts of people responsible for your loss. From those who chose to use the experimental drug RD4895 on his SEAL team without his knowledge, to those who benefited from it, to those who subverted the truth, to those who committed the actual murders, Reece's list leaves no one safe from harm. his revenge. 🇧🇷 Below is a list of who made the list, why they're on it, and how Reece interacted with them on the show.

NCIS-Agente Josh Holder

All the Names on James Reece's Terminal List (and What They Did) (1)

Warren Kole interpreta a Josh Holderterminal list, an NCIS agent assigned to Reece's case, specifically the murder of his family, and "Boozer", the only other surviving member of the SEAL team ambush. Ultimately, Holder was paid to cover up the murders and plant evidence that would make Reece look like the killer. After being exposed as a dirty agent by Constance Wu's Reece and Katie Buranek, Holder becomes the first name on James Reece's licensing list. Reece confronts Holder at his house late at night and shoots him in the head after he confesses to his role in the setup/cover-up and gives Reece the name Saul Agnon to add. to the list.

Saul Agnon

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Agnon is played by Sean Gunn.The list of Amazon Prime terminals, a business partner of Steve Horn who helps broker deals for his company to the point where he hires an assassin to kill Reece and his family to protect his interests. Reece and Edwards investigate Agnon's dealings and decide to subdue and interrogate him, break into his house and tie him up where Reece asks him to confess that Mexican assassins were hired to kill his family and that Steve Horn is after him. Reece overdoses him on methadone, which painlessly kills him.

steve horn

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Steve Horn is played by Jai Courtney, the CEO of Capstone Industries and who financed the founding of the company.The drug List Terminal RD4895🇧🇷 In his arrogance he worked with Secretary Hartley, Admiral Pillar, etc. to circumvent the FDA and rush the drug, running tests on Reece's SEAL team without his knowledge, resulting in the development of brain tumors. Although the drug developers later corrected the tumor problem, the SEAL team was already affected by the tumors. To cover up the illegal corners they cut to get the drug approved, Horn and his cabals orchestrated the ambush that killed the team (excluding Reece), and then hired assassins to kill Reece and his family and make it look like Reece was the one. assassin. Reece eventually catches up with Horn and detonates an EFP bomb in his truck before shooting him to death on the steps of his company's office.


marcus boykin

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Boykin is played by Butch Klein.terminal list, an oil businessman who represents the interests of Horns Capstone Industries and helps two hitmen to enter the United States and kill Reece and his family. Reece kills one of the men as they try to kill him at the hospital while the other flees back to Mexico with a wound. Reece sets up a sniper position along Boykin's route to work and fires at him from afar, killing him when his car goes off the road.

The Razors aka Little Killer

All the Names on James Reece's Terminal List (and What They Did) (5)

El Navajas is played by Albert Valladaresterminal list, one of two assassins who escaped Reece's wrath after killing his wife and daughter and trying to kill him. The killer was wounded byChris Pratts „The Terminal List“ - Characterduring the murder, but managed to escape anyway. Reece tracks El Navajas to Mexico, where he attacks his hideout, captures and tortures the Hitman to death, and disembowels him with his axe.

Admiral Gerald Pillar

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In it, Pilar is played by Nick Chinlund.terminal list, the commander of Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, who was paid by Capstone (along with Commander Bill Cox and Captain JAG Howard) to profit from the testing and deployment of the experimental drug RD-4895, which allowed the SEAL team to be tested without consent. , helping to orchestrate his downfall in a planned attack and assisting with all aspects of the cover-up while working with Secretary of State Hartley and Capstone. Reece eventually discovers the involvement of Pillar, Cox, and Howard and kidnaps Howard, making him agree to wear a suicide vest to kill himself and kill Piller, which he does.

Comandante Bill Cox

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Cox is played by LaMonica Garrettterminal list, Coronado's second-in-command and co-conspirator with Pillar and Howard in the speculation, testing, and cover-up of RD-4895, including the death of Reece's family. Cox confronts Reece, who knocks him down and breaks his arm before drugging him. Cox wakes up to find himself on Coronado Beach, where Reece has the disgraced Commander hold a training log in the water, ultimately causing him to drown when he cannot bear the weight.

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yo capitan howard

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Matthew Rauch interpreta a Howardterminal listand is part of the Naval Command conspiracy trio alongside Pillar and Cox, who also benefit from the evidence and cover-up of RD-4895 that killed Reece's SEAL team and his family. Reece and Edwards work together to kidnap Howard, eventually taking him, his wife, and son to the beaches of Coronado, where Howard is given the choice of wearing a suicide vest to kill Pillar or kill his wife and son. Accepting the plan to save the family from him, Howard takes the device to Pillar's officer, where Reece remotely activates it, killing them both.

Secretary Lorena Hartley

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Jeanne Tripplehorn interpreta a Hartleyterminal list, who is the program's secretary of defense, is ultimately responsible for helping to collect and test the experimental drug on Reece's SEAL team without his consent, as well as allowing his death to occur in an armed ambush. The reason for covering up the side effects of the drug is to ensure that a corrected version is approved and implemented, thus making huge profits and gaining more recognition for his political legacy. Initially an ally of Reece's, he eventually discovers his role in the plot and becomes a late addition to the roster. Reece confronts her as she attacks her compound, but before she can shoot him, she grabs a gun and kills herself.

ben edwards

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Edwards is played by Taylor Kitschterminal list🇧🇷 Edwards, a former SEAL and Reece's teammate, is a CIA agent who acts as Reece's partner in running the list throughout the series, until it is later revealed that he was the one who set up a ambush Reece's SEAL team (Operation Sword of Odin). that led to her death. He justified it by saying that he wanted men to do that."die with your boots on"when I found out from Admiral Pillar that the drug had given everyone tumors from which they would all die anyway. Capstone paid him $20 million to help orchestrate the ambush, but he felt guilty when Reece's family was killed during the cover-up. After sailing to Peru, Reece meets Edwards on his ship, where Edwards confesses and shows remorse before Reece presumably shoots on camera.

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Terminal List Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video


What names are on The Terminal List? ›

The Terminal List

What did Ben Edwards do in The Terminal List? ›

Even though he is Reece's best friend, Ben Edwards was the operative who falsely elevated intelligence information, which authorized the mission that was an ambush in Syria. Why did he do it? Well, he was told the entire unit developed terminal brain cancer.

Who is Marco on The Terminal List? ›

The Terminal List (TV Series 2022– ) - Marco Rodríguez as Marco Del Toro - IMDb.

Does James Reece have a brain tumor? ›

The Terminal List, starring Chris Pratt as James Reece, a badass SEAL with a recently-diagnosed brain tumor whose entire team was just killed in a suspicious operation gone wrong, is a visually murky, exceedingly grim revenge story, catnip for people who like to see these kinds of operators let loose on the world.

What does the bird represent in The Terminal List? ›

The starling represents Reece and military service men and women who deal with events that become traumatic and turn into posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Is Ben Edwards dead in The Terminal List? ›

The Terminal list Season 1 Ending: Is Ben Edwards Dead? Ben Edwards did really die. Reece and Katie learn that RD 4895 was a drug developed by Nubellum Pharmaceuticals, a Capstone subsidiary, with the goal of preventing PTSD by preventing the imprinting of trauma on the brain.

What does Reece do to Navajas? ›

Reece will assault Navajas head-on. “I want him to know who's come for him.” And during the ensuing raid on the sicario compound, after dropping a series of lesser targets with Ben on his six, he finally closes in on Navajas. This is not a job for an assault rifle, or even a pistol.

Who is Reese's friend in The Terminal List? ›

Taylor Kitsch plays Ben, the best friend of the lead character Commander James Reece. Ben, a CIA agent, uses his links to help his buddy on his quest for justice.

Who is the villain in terminal list? ›

Steve Horn is Reece's main antagonist and one of the book's biggest villains. He's the CEO of a mega corporation that utilizes the latest military technologies and innovations for its own gain.

Is Reece a hallucination? ›

In “The Terminal List” Pratt plays Navy SEAL commander James Reece. As the series begins, his entire platoon is wiped out in an ambush. He returns to the U.S. with a bunch of caskets, a headache and hallucinations. He thinks the headache and hallucinations are from a concussion, but in reality he has a brain tumor.

Does Reece survive his tumor? ›

Reece Survives Surgery To Remove His Tumor

While a potential season 2 could change the story from Carr's novel, all signs point to the next story adapting the second book True Believer.

How Long Will Reece James be out for? ›

“Scan results have regrettably confirmed a setback for the 23-year-old, with Reece now set to be ruled out for up to a month.” The 23-year-old said on Wednesday that 2022 had been the “toughest” year of his career, with his campaign repeatedly impacted by injury.

What is RD 4895 in The Terminal List? ›

Down in the subway, he reveals that RD4895 is an experimental drug developed by Nubellum Pharmaceuticals to try and cure PTSD.

What do the two birds symbolize answer? ›

Two birds are often used to symbolize love.

Is Boozer alive in The Terminal List? ›

Boozer is later killed in an attack which is made to look like a suicide, while Reece also survives an attack from unknown assailants. He then comes home to find his wife and daughter killed.

Will there be a season 2 terminal list? ›

23, Amazon has not ordered a second season of The Terminal List, but in a September interview on Jack Carr's podcast, Chris Pratt told viewers to rest assured. "To the rabid fans of The Terminal List out there, you have nothing to worry about," he said. "We love you and appreciate your support.

What happens to Katie on The Terminal List? ›

Hartley revealed about the entire drug trial and the Operation Odin Sword, also admitting that she knew that what they did was wrong. Though Hartley tried to convince Katie that their intentions were always good, it was not long before Reece arrived to kill her.

Who is Paola in The Terminal List? ›

The Terminal List (TV Series 2022– ) - Patricia De Leon as Paola - IMDb.

Who is Josh Holder in The Terminal List? ›

The Terminal List (TV Series 2022– ) - Warren Kole as NCIS Agent Josh Holder - IMDb.

Who does Reese stay with in Mexico? ›

Reese left the Army in 2001, prior to a vacation in Mexico with his girlfriend of six months, Jessica Arndt.

Who is Mac Wilson in Terminal list? ›

Christina Vidal: Mac Wilson.

Who is the wife in Terminal list? ›

Riley Keough as Lauren Reece

Reece's wife, Lauren, is played by Riley Keough. A mother and elite triathlete, Lauren helped care for other SEAL families while the platoon was deployed.


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