Big Sky Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: That Old Feeling (2023)

Anyone looking for an intense, emotional and fast-paced season finale should enjoy this hour.

Big Sky Season 3 Episode 13it was perhaps the most dramatic hour of the entire season, which is what it is. And it brings this chapter of the series to a very satisfying conclusion, complete with arches and a creaky door that lets in a little ray of light.

With Big Sky returning for a fourth season, they now have a plan for how to deliver an entertaining season from start to finish.

I've been a critic of Big Sky for many years because sometimes the show felt like it was on the cusp of something else, but I just couldn't get there.

Ronald and Rick and Wolf and the Syndicate was a long running story. It should have ended during the first season, and its inclusion inBig Sky Temporada 2he was often unwanted and distracted from the show as a whole.

The idea of ​​the program to focus on families has always worked well for them, from the Kleinsassers to the Bhullars to the Barnes family. And adding the cases of the week was a reliable way to escape the core story in a way that allowed it to remain exciting rather than stale and oversaturated.

But beyond the storiesBig Sky Temporada 3It will go down in history as the best season yet because of the strong cast and their amazing work.

I could write a review praising the actors for bringing this season to life. And it began with the introduction of Jensen Ackles as the energetic and tormented Beau Arlen.

On the surface, Beau really isn't a complicated man. He leads a relatively quiet life, which he dedicates to his daughter and his work. And those traits really came into their own here as the search for Emily and Denise intensified.

Beau was a great sheriff, and while he probably shouldn't be as involved in official positions given his relationship with the victims, no one would tell him. He threw himself directly into the fire, willing to do anything to find his little girl.

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Jensen Ackles' strength has always been his ability to tell a story without saying too much. He's busy in those quiet moments when he talks to Jenny, and his eyes are wide and unfocused as Beau struggles with the knowledge that every passing minute puts Emily in more danger.

And when Beau finally gets his hands on Buck, anger soars and it's impossible to take your eyes off the screen as you wonder just how far this grieving father will go.

He's simply masterful material, and while he's been terrific all season, he's taken things to the next level in this installment where the series has asked a lot of him.

Chasing Buck meant everyone was on the run while Beau and Jenny were stuck together, following the tracks to find their people.

It would always fall on Sunny.

Buck is making it increasingly clear that even in his twisted, murderous mind, there's one person he can't live without, and that's Sunny Barnes.

Sunny and Buck's dynamic was full of betrayals and secrets, and it's amazing why Buck thought that after all he'd done and been through, Sunny would blindly follow him to the ends of the world, but Buck was just too awkward. .

Their dancing during that lesson was terrifying because I couldn't help but wonder what they were capable of at any given time. Buck wouldn't hurt Sunny, at least not physically, but what else would she do to convince her to stay with him?

And on the surface, there's no way Sunny Barnes can be trusted, and as I was dying to believe that I was done with Buck and wanted to help, I heard an annoying little voice in my head saying, 'Sunny is NOT to be trusted. '. 'And it's a sentiment that her own son supports, so I was not mistaken when I thought that!

Cassie: Anything for the family, right?
Jenny: Really? She would probably do the same. You too.

  • Permanent Link:Honest? She would probably do the same. You too.

Sunny loved Buck and Buck loved Sunny. But with every lie and death piling up, Sunny finally decided to choose other people over her beloved husband.

(Video) Big Sky 3x13 Promo "That Old Feeling" (HD) Season Finale

Think about it. A large part of his treatment of Walter was involved in this charade of a life that he lived with a serial killer. Buck presented himself as a virtuous family man who became engaged to Sunny and Cormac and created this perfect image of an all-American family that Sunny happily shopped for years.

Of course, she kept Walter close, but he was always distant. She showed her love in various ways, but Buck was still on top of the hill, and even though she was willing to lie to him and go behind her back, he was still number one.

But in the end, she's arguably settled on Walter, she's finally done with Buck, and she's ready to literally say goodbye to that part of her life. Since it's Big Sky, things go horribly wrong (and another man is beaten to death but survives with no memory problems!) before Sunny has to make a decision.

There was no reason to kill Buck. He was dead anyway, about to leave him for the rest of his life. But Sunny decided to kill the man who did so much damage because she felt responsible.

She was willing to shoulder that burden, consequences be damned, and while it probably wouldn't absolve her of any sin, it was her way of making amends. Her way of making up for herself for ignoring Walter's warnings all those years ago and sleeping next to a murderer.

It was a moment that turned around completely for Sunny, who started the season as a smart woman who could lie in a heartbeat and ended the season as a smart woman who could still lie in a heartbeat, but found her own path of peace by protecting your family differently this time.

REBA is a star; We were lucky to have them this season! No one else could have played Sunny Barnes!

Sunny's children have to pick up the pieces of a lifetime of lies and I have to apologize publicly to Cormac, who was just a nice guy who played a terrible hand in the parental lottery.

Big Sky loves to surprise, and while there definitely could be a world where Cormac and Buck were together, in that world, Cormac was an unwitting bystander who forever transformed his inner pain and helped find Denise and Emily. He is a decent man and his relationship with Cassie seems to be just beginning.

Walter's redemption journey didn't reach me because he's still shady and he held Paige against her will and took that walker to Sunny's instead of the hospital so it's not like he's a man to look up to but he has led a sad life. existence . And he finally has a chance to do better.

The scene with him and Cormac in the hospital almost brought tears to my eyes because they were two men in the midst of this immense trauma, meeting for the first time and glad to be together. It can take a long time to forgive Sunny when they do, but I hope they can pick up the pieces of their lives as brothers.


This season ends on a high note, and it should. Deadly Trails is over and you can move on to the next one.

But will the next one involve Beau Arlen?

They leave the door open for Jensen Ackles to return when the series picks up for another season, and Beau doesn't answer if he'll return to Texas to follow Carla and Emily.

It would honestly make sense for Beau to help his girls get through everything that just happened, including the loss of Avery, but Texas also comes with a lot of pain. She got away with it for a reason and didn't exactly have time to properly deal with the feelings surrounding the events in Texas.

But is Montana the right place for him?

He and Jenny are slow dancing around each other, and I appreciate the slow burn, especially considering neither of them could detect anything romantic when they first met. They took the time to connect, support each other, and most importantly trust each other.

There is nothing they wouldn't do for each other and it was an essential step for each of them to realize what they mean to each other. It's so much more than just jumping on the bed, and your foundation is solid if you decide to push that line.

I would be totally okay with this pairing as I love a good ship with sizzling chemistry and good bone structure, but more than wanting this ship, I want a fourth season.

They definitely deserve it.


  • Buck's body count was truly astronomical. He killed so many people and he was absolutely fine with it. It's scary when you think about it.
  • I could never have imagined that Donno and Tonya would have a happy ending. But they've been involved in everything this season, even helping those they hated. They should take the money, get out of Montana and live a quiet life selling pies.
  • When the series returns, Cormac will return BETTER. We can't end another season with Cassie happy and falling in love only to have the man jump on it. Cassie deserves so much more than that.
  • Poppernak may not have had his hero moment, but he's ALWAYS there to help. He is the most trusted person on this show and its secret MVP.

Thirteen episodes was probably the right choice for such a compact season, but I miss having a little more!

Everything about this ending worked and I can't wait to hear what you all think about it and the season in general. It's been a pleasure covering Big Sky and seeing it take such a leap this year.

Please fill in the comments with all your feelings and if you missed any action you can always do big sky onlinevia FanaticTV!

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