Big Sky: Super Foxes Season 3 Episode 11 Review (2023)

What the hell just happened?

With only three episodes left in this season,Big Sky Season 3 Episode 11it puts us in the home stretch and gives us a lesson that is crazy but so much fun I don't even know where to start.

We begin with Beau walking down a hotel hallway toward the O.K. turned. Corral in all the cowboy glory of it? Or shall we go with the cornhole game from hell? Both are solid starting points for the madness of this hour.

Jokes aside, to discuss this lesson you really need to start with the whole Buck thing, because he could be the Bleeding Heart Killer and he could be dead, and there's a lot to unpack there.

Buck always came off as a decent guy at first, but over time his darker side began to emerge, to the point where he's now a supervillain with exactly zero redeeming qualities. He always seemed like he would go to any lengths to protect the family from him, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Getting rid of Paige is just one way to solve another problem, but will she ever get back into her serial killer bag?

After drinking alcohol for the first time in years, Buck drags an unconscious Paige into another underground bunker, where he appears to be setting her up for death. And multi-name recipients would say that he's going to take something from Paige to put on her Shelf of Horrors.

Buck as the Bleeding Heart Killer has been around for a while, and while it's always been a plausible assumption, it just seemed too cool. He was starting to get so obvious and wrong that the show would surely turn us around and go back to Walter or Sunny or something!

But now it's hard to deny that it's Buck.

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And now that? Buck must be dead, though I dare say it's a fact because Big Sky has burned me before! But he was hit several times on the head with a hammer. How does he recover himself and continue to terrorize the community afterwards?

He is not Michael Myers!

If all is as it seems and Buck is now dead and so is the killer, this was a pretty disappointing ending to a season-long mystery. There was no solution in case they ended up bumping into him.

Cassie and Jenny took a week off from all things Barnes family when Gigi got in trouble. And this was one of the weirdest mysteries Big Sky has ever done, which is honestly saying something.

We haven't had enough Gigi and Jenny interactions to feel very invested in their relationship, but they are doing a lot for Jenny in this hour to bring home the fact that Gigi is still her mother, even though their relationship is broken.

Gigi lied and cheated on her, but you always want to protect your mother. This is the first person you meet, and even Jenny, who should probably be in bed for the next few days, won't rest until she finds her.

I liked that we finally got back together because Gigi was dating Tonya and Donno a few episodes ago. And for all her disdain for Jenny, she did help her out when she needed it, which makes me think they could ask the cop for a favor before the season ends.

If you guessed where Jenny and Cassie would eventually find Gigi, no you didn't.

There's no way you'd think Gigi would be kidnapped by the crazy family of a man Gigi set up. There was no way of knowing that the crazy matriarch of said family would have her play a game of life and death cornhole in front of a sea of ​​kids.

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This family was like a cross between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Children of the Corn Family.

These kids watch a man get shot and don't move. Then Anne shows up and she's home and she asks again if people should die or not and it's all incredibly disturbing.

One thing about Big Sky, even when it was at the end of the Ronald Who Would Never Die story, is that they have always thought outside the box. This was never your normal police drama. They knew they would never play by the rules when they killed Ryan Phillippe in the opening game.

And this season in particular, with the increase in cases during the week, has allowed them to cross the threshold. And this is a clear example of it.

Even if you could guess that neither Jenny nor Gigi would die, there was still a tense atmosphere in this barn. And it was a way for mother and daughter to work against each other while trying to protect each other, proving that they make a pretty decent team in the end.

Jenny Hoyt is many things, and we've seen her break the rules when it suits her. Much of her relationship with Travis looked the other way, but her unwillingness to let Gigi get away with stealing from her seemed like her way of protecting Gigi from herself.

Gigi left a lot of damage. Maybe this will lead you down a different path.

Elsewhere at this time, it's all about Beau, Avery, and imaginary money.

As the hours pass, you realize that Avery is a shady man, but not necessarily a terrible man. He has put himself and his family in a terrible situation from which he may never return, but all he is doing now is minimizing the damage. He doesn't want anything to happen to his wife or stepdaughter.

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He and Beau are locked in this fight because they're in love with the same woman, but if they look closely, they can see that it's more important how much they want Carla and Emily to be okay.

Bella: Avery! Who is your friend?
Winston: His friend is none of your business.
Beau: Well, actually it's like I'm the sheriff and stuff.
Winston: Oh, I've never shot a sheriff before.
Beau: Okay, let's not do that, gunslinger.

  • Permanent Link:Let's not do this, gunslinger.

Beau gets to Avery and things almost immediately take a turn for the worse, but not before Beau shoots Tex in the middle of a fancy Montana hotel and makes it look so easy. Everything is absurd, from the way Beau turns his back on a man with a gun to the way he does it with a clear shot to the center of Tex's chest.

Few people can make that sound cartoonish, but not everyone is Mr. Ackles.

Avery now understands the gravity of the situation better than Beau does, but the frustrating thing about how this story unfolds for the rest of the hour is that nothing changes. Avery specifically warns Beau that things are going to get ugly, but Beau hasn't hidden Emily anywhere.

He just walks the streets as if Avery hadn't gotten involved with the men who held him at gunpoint the day before.

And how does Avery get out of jail to be kidnapped by Tonya and Donno? We lost a lot of steps here.

But that doesn't take us away from another solid hour that sets us up for the final two hours. And I predict we'll have a lot more bloodshed and maybe a surprise or two.

I'm not quite ready for the end of this journey, but I'm excited to see where it ends.

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  • For two people who at one point seemed genuinely head over heels in love, Sunny and Buck don't know each other.
  • Cormac remains a mystery because I'm not convinced he's all we think of him. I'll happily eat those words when we get to the end of the season and he ends up being a hero, but I'm still too scared to buy what he's selling.
  • Where will Paige go next? She escaped from a killer, but there are other killers after her. She must be scared of Sunny now, so will she go to the police?
  • We've been digging a little deeper into Beau's past and it looks like that might set us up for a reunion with Carla now that they've apologized and the two are getting along better than ever. I'm not a fan
  • It was a small moment, but my four favorites were in the same place, and how could you not smile? Cassie, POPPERNAK and Beau are ready to help Jenny find her mom. So sweet!
  • I'm still not over Emily walking through the whole mess by herself. This will piss me off forever.

Two more episodes, folks! Can you believe we've already reached the end of the season? And what a season that was!

I'm sure you all have lots of ideas about this crazy hour and what's to come, so drop a line in the comments andwatch big sky onlineOnly then will all of you be caught!

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