Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Miniseries: Summary and Ending Explained (2023)

A new addition to the miniseries catalogue, Netflix brings you an eight episode high school experience, Boo, Bitch. Starring Lana Condor as Erika Vu (known forTo all the boys I've loved before, 2018) and Zoe Margaret Colletti as Gia, high school best friends who go through a series of emotions to create an unforgettable school experience. With every ounce of this "extra" drama imaginable, the two girls aim to leave behind a legacy every high school kid dreams of.

Each episode of this team-up drama is around 22-25 minutes long, and unlike typical teen shows, this one takes a slightly different look at various aspects of teenage life. It shows how the influence of social networks and the number of followers affect you psychologically. Attachments and separations can be exhausting and draining, living off other people's validation is meaningless, and keeping the momentum of a teenage friendship going is essential.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the program in detail. Please Be Careful*Revelation*as they can spoil your experience of watching the show:

Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Mini-Series Recap:

The show opens with Erika ruefully declaring that she is dead. We see her carcass under a huge moose (also dead) and her shiny slippers sticking out of the carcass of the animal. Her necklace, which she gave him to Gia as a graduation present, also hangs from a nearby tree branch.

Forty-eight hours before her untimely death, Erika and Gia waited at the side of the classroom gallery for everyone to enter the classroom to avoid harrowing moments. With only two months to discover their lives as high school teenagers, they were virtually invisible during their high school years, constantly fearing that the unhappy phase of their lives would remain the same once they entered college.

Erika is always worried that nothing will get in her way, while Gia can only think about going to prom before they finish high school together. However, this shakes Erika even more, as the love of her life is dating the most popular girl in school; someone she's had an unfortunate problem with since her ninth grade tutoring program.

When Gia convinces Erika to attend the weekend party at Jake W's house, the two vow to live life to the fullest and say yes to everything (smart bookmuch?) that would leave a lasting impression on your high school experience.

While the girls have never had epic fails in their lives, they have never had epic wins either. So, to make things right, they decide to go with the flow, enjoy every moment together, and make it to the prom.

Building off of this in the first episode, subsequent episodes of Boo Bitch slowly develops the character of Erika: from a shy and easily intimidated girl to one who takes control of her life along with those around her. Her untimely death alone has taken things out of her, and she has to take care of all the business that needs to be taken care of right before prom night.

Erika becomes more confident in herself every day and becomes a completely different person. She soon begins dating Jake C and her popularity also skyrockets when she starts trending. She voices her thoughts out loud and turns things around at school to become a real game changer.

Gia, on the other hand, keeps Erika distracted so she doesn't get too hung up on her plans and lives a little longer than counting numbers on social media. We also see that Erika's self-obsession has also caused her to completely avoid Gia and her whereabouts.

Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Miniseries: Summary and Ending Explained (1)

He tries to tell Erika that she is gradually turning into a superficial person with a superiority complex whose only mission is to get false validation, something alien to all the promises that were made.

Annoyed at how Gia constantly puts her down, she begins to befriend people who are just the enlarged version of superficiality. She also befriends Riley, who agrees to be her enemy. This upsets Jake as he finds it difficult to be with Erika anymore. It seems strange to him that she is no longer the Erika he fell in love with.

Parkway High (school) has become a time bomb for Erika as she continues to make school decisions at the encouragement of her peers. Now that she has become a social influencer, her parents are worried about her credit card bills and her recent bad habits. She shushes them by saying that she doesn't have much time and that things should be okay before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Gia forms a close bond with Gaven, who is part of the Afterlife group. She likes him and decides to go to prom with him. However, during the prom-themed reunion, Erika cancels the prom because she finds it too boring to have an event like this every year that only drives people apart instead of bringing them together. She shatters everyone's dream of enjoying her last day as a high school student by making the decision herself. This provokes a certain group of students and little by little they all come together to eliminate them.

In the ongoing drama of Erika's life, she later finds out that Gia was the troll who anonymously commented on her photo just to see how she reacts and if Gia's life is even remotely important to her.

Erika gets angry and stops talking to him. As she checks her phone and sees other kids at school getting ready for prom, which has now become an "uncancelled prom," she realizes that she got carried away and ruined it. . She realizes that she has jeopardized the most important things in her life, including her relationship with Jake and her friendship with Gia, whom she misses dearly.

Why doesn't Erika like the "most popular girl" in school?

During a ninth grade orientation program, when everyone could click their photos for the annual yearbook; Erika and Gia get excited about planning their future at school. Erika's head accidentally hit Riley on the nose.

Erika tried to compose herself to understand what had just happened, but Riley (the most popular girl in school) warned her that she had to remain invisible to them all year.

As they pose for a yearbook photo, Riley's boyfriend, Jake C., introduces himself and asks Erika's name. She blushes and plays with her name; However, he mistakes her name for Helen and Riley reveals her full name as Helan Who in retaliation. The photographer also mentions Erika's name as the Helan Who in the yearbook.

Therefore, Erika succumbs to Riley's bullying in the most manipulative and submissive way, trying to avoid being in his presence at all times.

Why are Erika and Gia so excited to leave a legacy?

The girls fear that they will never have anything that is living proof of their high school epic. No one knows their name and they will graduate and eventually die with no one knowing about them. Erika let Riley paralyze her from the start and she has always lived in the shadows despite having big plans for her school life.

The school's notorious teen mom (she gave birth in a pool at a house party, not knowing she was pregnant) overhears the disturbing conversation and suggests they shouldn't worry too much. She points out to Erika that she can be and do whatever she wants because she has the potential and can, and when she leaves Earth people will remember her.

Gia tells him that they both have 60 days to work things out.

What happens at Jake W.'s house party?

Seeing all the students from the school at the house party, Erika tells Gia that she thinks it's all for nothing. Everyone licks each other's ass just to be seen by someone. Jake C., whom she loves, has a toxic relationship with the hateful Riley because he's too scared to be alone.

He also mentions that Riley is a "fake salt giraffe" who takes whatever good he can find and never leaves any for anyone else. Gia talks to Erika and decides to enjoy the party to the best of her ability. They decide to dance to her favorite song until Riley shuts the girls out and doesn't want them to be a part of the party.

After a while, Jake W. opens the door and it seems that they have entered a completely different world; The girls didn't know they were missing out. Erika says yes to all the fun they promise and she decides to refill her drink. She runs into Jake C., who is looking for something to drink. She tries to make small talk and makes her signature cocktail, which he likes.

Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Miniseries: Summary and Ending Explained (2)

On the other hand, when Gia takes a bathroom break, Erika shows off her Pong skills. This catches the eye of Jake C., who is surprised at how good she is at the game. Jealousy gets the better of Riley when she sees that her boyfriend supports her; She gets angry and goes to the bathroom. Jake C follows her, only to find out that he's being unreasonable because he's upset about Erika. Then, after a heated confrontation, they break up due to the unrelenting drama that Riley keeps bringing to the relationship.

Upset by this, Jake goes to Erika to refill the earlier drink she made for him. He suggests that they go find her secret hiding place somewhere in the garden. Erika keeps her promise to say yes to everything and follows him. As she searches for the hideout, Erika notices that Jake is behaving differently. When she questions, he tells her why he broke up with Riley and how he really broke up with her this time. He adds that it's time to try something new with someone else like Erika and leans in to kiss her.

Erika feels bad. When she returns, Jake runs to see her and asks for her number as well. After Erika gives her her number, she goes home with Gia. Riley sees all this and gets jealous.

On the way home, the two girls celebrate their eventful night. Gia shares that Jake W. said yes to prom and Erika is happy with everything. She still can't believe they waited so long for something to happen. Gia exclaims that they are still young and their life is just beginning.

Just then, a truck approaches her as she was about to make a promise to Gia.

The next day, Erika wakes up to her cell phone vibrating. Gia calls her and informs her that she is hungover. She notices that Erika doesn't have her necklace. While looking for the necklace in the woods, they both witness someone being killed and a dead moose lying on the body. Examining the body closely, Erika notices that the girl is wearing her shoes.

Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Miniseries Final Explanation:

Erika has been playing around the house all day since everyone cornered her and apologizes to her parents, who ask her to end the fight with Gia. They tell her it's the first time she hasn't spoken in over a month.

Shocked by the conversation, she realizes that no one has seen Gia, Jake W's party since then. She decides to find her, but discovers that Gaven already knows that Gia is dead. As Gaven checks her messages, she calls them and warns them not to say a word to the Afterlife group that is after her, to find out more about why she wanted to know what happens after someone dies.

She later meets Gaven and while talking to him, realizes that only Gaven can communicate with spirits when intoxicated, and cannot see, hear, or touch an incarnated spirit unless it is Gia's unfinished business.

Gia's only wish was to go to prom before she graduated. However, due to her untimely death, going to prom with Gaven (whom she is very fond of) has become a pending issue. Now that Erika knows that only she and Gaven can see Gia's ghost, they decide to visit her house.

On the other hand, now that Jake is not going to prom, Riley approaches him and asks him to go with her, but as friends, so that she can win the crown of the best prom queen. Erika decides to go alone, and upon arriving at the event, everyone is stunned that she is there, despite the humiliation her "uncancelled prom" caused in the first place.

As everyone makes the most of prom night, Erika sits alone in a corner and sees Gia at the door as her song "Guerrilla" plays in the background. She runs up to Gia and immediately starts apologizing until one of the other girls starts calling Erika, a crazy vixen who talks to herself.

Boo, Bitch (2022) Netflix Miniseries: Summary and Ending Explained (3)

Gia explains that she only started passing out about an hour ago and that Erika's decision to show up to the dance alone may have changed things. Gia calls her brave for coming alone and says it was the bravest thing she's ever done in her life.

She understands that Erika will be fine now. Erika tells her not to worry about her anymore and that she should go to Gaven to take care of her unfinished business and put herself first for once.

Devon Kehler and Riley Bhatia win the titles at the King and Queen Prom announcement. However, Erika takes the stage and tells everyone that her best friend Gia is dead and no one knew about her. Sharing precious memories of her with Gia, she suggests that Riley give up her crown to honor Gia.

Though Riley isn't happy about it, she gives up the crown for Gia. After Erika and Gia resolve all unfinished business, the dead friend finally ascends to the afterlife.

Erika and Jake get back together after a mature confrontation. At the after-prom party, sitting with Gaven, Erika shares fond memories of Gia with him. Happy to enter the new chapter of her college life, Erika places a sparkling crystal lamp on her desk.

As she walks down the stairs to the freshman party, she looks back to see the crystal chandelier turn on by itself and she acknowledges the presence of her dead best friend and says, "I see you bitch."


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