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Good morning, friend! Unfortunately, I'm what you call a "microtransaction delighter". Not that I like splitting game pieces into currencies, but I do like cool cosmetics. Grinding Gear Games knew how to hit me emotionally this time... when they came out with a crawling bear. Typically, in Delve you'll track a cart-like thing called crawling, and in one of theThis time the championship packTheir skin can turn him into a cute bear friend. So it follows you around like a pet while you're doing other things and guides you when you're in Delve. This is definitely in my wheelhouse and I'll buy whatever package he packs...luckily, it's the cheapest.

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I finished my campaign last night, which meant I had to go shopping to organize my gear. Luckily, I was able to get a lucky card seven years ago from one of the Act 10 areas, which I was able to turn into 60 Chaos Orbs. Additionally, I got about 15 Chaos Orbs by completing the campaign and wisely spent almost all of that money onA figure in the place where you should start mapping comfortably.The bottom line is to raise my resistance and armor a bit, then swap out the gem slots to fit more auras and set them to more standard settings. After I finish the last maze, the armor should increase significantly... I haven't seen a test of that on any of the maps I've made yet.

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Every armor slot needs improvement, first of all I couldn't get access to the right colored six and ended up doing 20 messes with a broken five that would be "good enough" for me to hold hopefully. , can be replaced with a rollbrass dome.Prices are absolutely insane right now. Let's think of Shayola's blessing as the canary in the coal mine. It is an item that previously ranged between 20 and 50 chaos, will now reach 400+ chaos. Essentially, this item is required to craft items used in a large number of upgrades, including post-crafting Poison Summon Raging Spirits for the final league. I'm not sure if Breech's changes are really as bad as people think, but he is a popular farming mechanic and now it seems the community has agreed that he is no longer profitable... That means there are downfalls. Everything has a wild price.


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The biggest problem I'm having right now is that I don't get much of what people usually call "gum". I miss Armourer's Scrap and Blacksmith's Whetstone the most. At this point in the league I usually have no problem owning all 20% of the quality items I I don't really have an inventory and spend them as soon as I get them. I have yet to see an Exalted Orb or Divine Orb and have had a hard time finding Chromatics and Fusings. I haven't found much infected coin yet, but hopefully that will change as I dig deeper into the map and dig deeper. Vaal Orbs are something I'm worried about right now, as I'd need to collect a lot of them to get points on the Atlas red level map.

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This means that I am far from a red card, and honestly even from a yellow card. By last night I had completed 16 of the 115 nodes required for the Atlas. I basically do what I have easy access to at the moment and hope that a Kirac mission or map drop will take me further. At some point I'll create the spreadsheet I usually use to track these things, but right now it's just me and Ashgar in this league, so I'm not in too much of a rush to get ready. However, I've gotten to the point where I can't remember if I've already taken credit for something. So today I might as well create it for my own benefit. I wish there were some pointers on the map itself if you trust it completely.

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Because I love Delve, I went hard to collect all the Niko nodes in the tree. After that I could circle back and get a secure nodeFor a tree that looks something like thisbefore overtime. Specifically, there is a node called Mining Subproducts that says you have a 10% chance of getting Azurite from chests and nodes in that area. The thing is... I'm not sure if that means a little white case in that area or a solid case. Anyway, I'm going to experiment a bit because maybe I've been doing it wrong all along. Maybe I should open all those damn chests on the map, because they might give me more sulfites. If anything, I like opening map safes, so I almost always turn them on.

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As for Delve, I've made little progress. Basically, right now I'm trying to sort out azerite nodes and chest nodes so I can build up a stockpile of resources. Currently, Delve's production assets are not worth selling. However, as the league progresses and people start experimenting with complex production projects... I fully expect that to change. I think enough videos were released last league that Delve was a "get rich quick" scheme. However, I know Delve is an acquired taste and I don't expect most players who try it now to stick with it. I should probably carve the ocean and sky first, but I want to get my Delve engine up and running asap as currency is scarce so far.

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Overall, I personally enjoyed it, but as many have commented, it felt like I was playing a typical game. I have little interest in the alliance mechanic as it's not very useful in the grand scheme of things. In theory, I could put the weapon in the second set of inventory slots and use it to try to unlock the smelter tree... but generally, I use it instead of mule gems for leveling and corruption. I also don't like the idea of ​​having a random weapon in my inventory. At some point I'll probably try to get a good scepter base, then I'll try to find one with a decent tree... and then I'll use it in Delve's crafting project. However, in the short term... I still have a lot of mapping and progress to make in Delve.

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