Fear the Walking Dead: Joan Dory reunites with Dwight and Shirley (2023)

June Dory revealed that she conducted a terrifying top-secret radioactive experiment on Padre on Sunday's episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Episode 8 of season titled Blue Jay ends withpoor widow Joan[Jenna Elfman] Post signs warning people to stay away from the Padre.

When he saw the dinghy approaching from the direction of the Padre, he shot and killed two people on board with a tranquilizer dart. After they were stunned, Joan cut off their trigger fingers, took their guns, and pushed their boat back into the sea.

Then she returned to her cabin and placed her finger in a jar full of other fingers. Later, while patrolling her area, she saw someone writing on her sign. A man who introduced himself as Adrian [Jonathan Medina] followed her back to her cabin, saying he needed her help finding his daughter.

"I know you can help me," Adrian said.

Secret Science: June Dory reveals she's been doing creepy top-secret radioactive experiments on the dead for Padre on Sunday's episode of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

"Get out," Joan said, pointing the gun at him.

He shows her a picture of his daughter Hana and asks her to help him.

"We're raising an army to face the Padre," Adrian said. "You can be a part of it."

"If I see you here again, I'll kill you," Joan warns him.

Adrian said they now know who she is and will be back. In the evening, Joan gathers her things with her fingers, including the jar.

The next day he opened fire on another group of men who had come from Padre in an inflatable boat. The ship that was attacked in June had a kid named Finch [Gavin Warren].

Joan is shocked to see that her old friends Dwight [Austin Amelio] and Shirley [Kristen Evangelista] are the ones she hits with the drug dart. Dwight told her that Finch had appendicitis and was on his way to the Padre Clinic. Dwight tells Joan that he has to have surgery because their ship is out of port.

Joan realizes that Finch is Shelly and Dwight's child. Dwight said they follow the Padre's rules and no one else knows. They promised Joan a boat if she had the operation. Joan agreed and took them to an abandoned carriage, where she said they needed to be operated on.

Shirley finds a document on the train with pictures of people bitten by a corpse. Then Adrian got on the train, held them at gunpoint and asked them to help him find her daughter.

Back Together: Joan is shocked to see that her old friends Dwight [Austin Amelio] and Shirley [Kristen Evangelista] are the ones she shot with tranquilizer darts

Sick Kid: Dwight told her that Finch had appendicitis and was on his way to the Padre Clinic

Medical Records: On the train, Sherry finds a file with pictures of people bitten by the undead

Zombie Head: A menacing zombie head fell on them until June stabbed it

"I'm sure your daughter is fine," Dwight said. "Padre hasn't lost a single child yet, I'm teaching them how to fight. If you tell me what your kids look like, we can find a way here.

Dwight then manages to get Adrian's gun, but fires a bullet in the process, knocking out the train's control panel and power supply. The walkers hear the sound and begin to descend.

"I can't work without electricity," Joan said.

Joan then confesses to them that she worked on the train as part of a secret priestly mission where they experimented on bitten humans. He told them the train was full of dead people. June said Shrike [Maya Eshet] had the idea that the effects of the bite could be blocked with radiation.

"Slow and painful, it was worse than being bitten to death," Joan said. "Shrike tried to force me to heal but I didn't want to so I ran away."

June said the electrical panel for the restart is at the back of the train. Adrian asks Joan to help him find his daughter. Dwight climbed to the top of the train and managed to restart the electricity. Shirley then told Dwight that she didn't want to go back to Padre.

"Once we settled in, we found a way for everyone there to know the truth about Padre," Shirley said.

"Do you really think we can do this and be a family?" Dwight said.

"I know we can," Shirley said.

Finger Harvesting: June cuts off Padre members' trigger fingers and preserves them in jars

As Dwight and Shirley kiss on the roof of the train, the roof collapses and they fall inside. Dwight started shooting at the walkers but ran out of ammo. Joan boards the train to save them. Joan walks past the wagon with a walker strapped to the side.

"Excuse me," Joan told them.

Joan began to punch the walker in the head when her gun fell to the ground. She slipped and the walker was on top of her. Then Adrian comes to her rescue and kills them.

"I told you not to follow me," said Joan.

"Good thing I didn't listen," Adrian said.

Adrian tells her again that he needs her help to get his daughter away from Padre. Finch joins them and they kill all the walkers and rescue Dwight and Shelly. Dwight then told them that he would not return to the Padre.

"We're your parents," Dwight said.

Shirley said they would work it out as a family. Adrian then recognizes the walker on the train as his daughter Hannah and grabs Joan.

"You know that," Adrian said. — You killed her.

Familiar Face : Adrian then recognizes the walker on the train as his daughter Hannah and grabs June

"I tried to save her," Joan said. "I treated her for asthma when she first came to Padre. He was just a scared child. She missed her father.

June said Hannah was bitten on the back while she was scouting and she couldn't amputate it. June said she stopped the radiation contamination but made things worse. Joan said she had to because Shrike had a gun pointed at her.

"I made sure Shrike couldn't do to anyone what she did to me, and then I pulled her finger," Joan said. "I know they can't do the experiment without me, which means as long as I stay out of here…away from people, no one else I care about will get hurt."

"That's all I have left," Adrian said. "Now I understand why you want to be alone."

Adrian got into the car and hugged his zombie daughter while the other walkers in the car ate him.

Joan then operated on Finch. Joan tells Dwight and Shirley that she wants a boat in return. They say they want to go with her now.

"We're going to try to be a family," Dwight said.

"What does that have to do with me?" Joan said.

New family: "What does that have to do with me?" Joan says after Dwight reveals he wants to be a family

"You're family," Dwight said.

Joan agreed. He said he just wants Adrian and Hannah to rest in peace because they have suffered so much. Just then, Shrike and the other soldier priests burst into the car.

"Hello Bluebird," Shrike Joan said before knocking her down.

When Joan woke up, Shrike was standing next to her.

'How did you find me? Joan said.

Shrike insists that trains are there to save lives. Dwight said he was a liar. Shrike tells Joan that she should pick up where she left off. They brought in a zombie head and threw it at Finch while he was still under anesthesia. His head finally caught up with him.

"I'm going to kill you," Dwight told Shrike.

“Why do you want to do that? I am the only one who can save his life,” Shrike said. “Well, we are. "

Intentional: The zombie's head is deliberately lowered until it bites and infects Finch

Live: "Why did you do that? I am the only one who can save his life,” Shrike said. "so we are"

Shrike allows his soldiers to take Dwight and Shirley.

"You better get to work little blue bird," said the Shrike.

Shrike then cut off Joan's finger.

The series ends with Morgan Jones [Lenny James] Madison Clark [Kim Dickens] driving to an unknown destination in a truck. Madison asked him what was stopping him from helping Mo who needed him.

Madison pretended she couldn't breathe and fell to the ground. Morgan told the driver to stop and give her oxygen. Madison called the guards and told Morgan to take the opportunity to escape. Morgan ran into the woods.

Fear the Walking Dead returns next Sunday on AMC.


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