Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Oh Rats! — Plus, [spoiler] and [spoiler] reunite (2023)

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sundayhe is afraid of the walking dead.If you haven't seen it, you might want to see it from a different angle.

Bait and switch, thathe is afraid of the walking deadThe insertion of Sunday's "Alaska" is good. Throughout the episode we believe we are in a race to reunite Al and Isabella. Instead, we get a Dwight and Shirley reunion. How about that?Andhappen? Continue reading……

"I feel like I'm 16 because it's all over" |As time begins, Morgan dazzles Rachel with a plethora of supplies - including... is it jam? syrup? In any case, he seems to know frominfamous plantAnd she reacted accordingly, prompting Morgan to assure her that his men inside didn't know where they were and wouldn't know until all of his friends were rescued. If only he could be sure, he thought as he adorned himself with a new staff and attached Emil's ax blade to it, and when he got closer to those closest to him, they would recognize him as the person he was becoming. Wicked Morgan: Another day, another existential crisis.

Elsewhere, Al and Dwight break into a funeral home at Ginny's request. Apparently this is their new routine: they inspect locations, see how many dead people there are, and find out why they died. It's not glamorous, but they have to go it alone, even playing some variation of the board games kids play on road trips, where their only goal is to get permits to walk in all 50 states. Then, as you'd expect, they run into some undead creatures, including a zombie with an embalmed face, and take a break from the nasty pickles Dwight found. "Miss Beer?" asked. Al doesn't want to talk about Isabelle. He can't even pronounce Mrs. Dwight Beer's name. He tries to get her to open up by mentioning honey and "Sherry always says bad beer goes best with pretzels." but none. Al pursed his lips—that is, until Dwight heard the Beer Lady on the walkie-talkie talking about his imminent arrival at the drop point. We have to go there, Dwight insisted. When Al and Isabel wanted to go away together, he would dress up as a toddler and convince Ginny that his friend had bought the farm. When Al said she sounded crazy, he reminded her, "You're talking to a guy who walked halfway across the country because his wife wrote him a note." Oh, Dwight, you're so weak!

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Oh Rats! — Plus, [spoiler] and [spoiler] reunite (1)"The last time I felt alive was with her" |When Dwight and Al arrive at the building where Isabel lands, they find a rat-bitten walker in the lobby - a walker from Alaska! "Tell me that's not a good sign," Dwight said. On the staircase they find them...strange. The cages were full of rats, and the walls were spray-painted with "The End is the Beginning." (Oh, episode 1 is back.) Gradually, our hero meets some strangers, Lee and Nora, who warn them not to go to the helipad. Nora's boyfriend Mark did it - he was shot and killed by the men in the helicopter. Wait, did the pub shoot Alaska? Dwight asked, only now realizing that there was more to the Beer Lady than he thought. After Al and Dwight explain to Lee and Nora that they're filming everything to prevent what happened to people who haven't — get it? — the newcomers took them to an office full of bubonic plague patients. Oh, the rats!

Although Dwight wants to do the right thing for the sick, Al insists that she saw the plague in the scene - too late for Ginny to help these people. So Al locks them up and goes to the roof. She was determined to feel what she felt for Isabel again, "even if it meant risking just a moment." The walkers were a serious obstacle for her friends to climb, and Al finally decided to follow the rats - breaking through plaster walls and climbing some plumbing. As she and Dwight crawled through the vermin-filled passage, she noticed a distinct mark on her partner's neck. Oh, it's not her fault, she insisted. He may have been infected by a rat found in his sleeping bag a few days earlier. (now youI knowYou have a good friend when he says: "Come on, it's not."yourI accidentally got the bubonic plague! ")

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Oh Rats! — Plus, [spoiler] and [spoiler] reunite (2)"You are much braver than me or just stupid" |Gradually, the couple is trapped in the bathroom by the walkers. Not only does Nora come to the rescue, but she also shows them the way to the roof entrance - she used to work in the building, where she has since been turned upside down. After cleaning out an office full of plague walkers, Nora needed some time. He recognized one of them - well, as far as he could see, his condition had worsened - and asked Al to stop the recording. No one should remember them like this, she said through tears. In response, Al gives her Mark's driver's license. When Nora and Dwight left Al on the roof, he told her he left a message for her on her tape. As he watched her, she caught him saying "open me one, please [with the beer]—don't forget the pretzels."

As the helicopter approaches, Al fires a flare and uses the walkie-talkie to tell Isabelle to change course. who is he Isabel asked. "Just someone trying to help you," Al replied cautiously. "This place is full of dead people. They are infected with the plague." What about Al? - Maybe - she admitted. When Isabelle changes course, she tells Al that there is some beer in the crate. "I hope it's not your last," he added. Unable to let Isabel go with at least an open heart, Al told her, "I just wanted to say… it's good to hear you because there aren't many left." Well, these two are from the ever present couple John and Joan Best. To her delight, Al finds plenty of Cipro in the beer—and manages to save Dwight and all of Nora's friends. When Dwight asked why the helicopter turned around, Al replied, "I lost my brother once. All I had was tape. I guess I don't want that to happen again." Before they take off, Al suggests that Nora doesn't want to go where she and Dwight came from—they'll find her crew somewhere better.

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Oh Rats! — Plus, [spoiler] and [spoiler] reunite (3)"Honey, is that you?" |As the episode draws to a close, Al concludes that the rats, the plague... none of it is a coincidence. But who did it? Whoever scattered his message in the lobby, guess what. They went to call the Rangers in case anyone suspected where they were, but heard worried voices on the intercom. Someone saw the torch, helped and...Sherry.Next thing we know, she and Dwight are reunited in tears in what is arguably one of the most emotional moments in franchise history. you disagree;Leave your thoughts on Al and Isabel's imminent reunion and Dwight's reunion with his love in the comments below.

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