Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Bird" Recap and Spoilers (2023)

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Dwight, Sherry and June rush to help a young survivor in trouble as the PADRE's secret mission is revealed in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 2.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Bird" Recap and Spoilers (1)

The following contains spoilershe is afraid of the walking deadSeason 8, episode 2, "Bluebird," premieres Sunday, May 21 on AMC.

looks likehe is afraid of the walking deadOld habits have not yet been broken. And the Season 8 premiere focused on Mo finding his former selfMorgan i Madison, "Blue Jay" shifts the focus to June, Dwight and Sherry. Along the way, they learn that the dubious PADRE side project needs to be canceled.

Fear the Walking Dead, sezona 8, Episode 2 "Bluebird" opens with June showing off a long-range rifle loaded with non-lethal darts. He watches over an abandoned shack in the swamp, posting signs warning parents to turn around or the PADRES will take their children. Judging by what Morgan said to Madison in episode 1, June seems to be one of the few who doesn't adhere to the PADRE system. Perhaps because she has no children of her own or because she has been fighting relentlessly since the death of her husband John Dory. One of the signs was written by someone else, telling Joan that their daughter had been taken from her.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Bird" Recap and Spoilers (2)

Before June could investigate further, several collectors came by boat to collect the "egg" - a term the PADRE use for children. This is another way for them to reinforce their philosophy that children are blank slates to be brainwashed. Joan takes them out from a distance with a non-lethal arrow.Killing them forces the PADRE to continue on its wayto eliminate the threat. When they pass out, Joan tests her medical skills by amputating their trigger fingers and sending them on their way. Back in his rusty shack, he hides his guns under the floorboards, their fingers in a jar, and other items from past victims. Soldiers in the infantry were furious at the strike again, but one soldier argued that they had to prepare because it had been happening for years.

A stranger named Adrian breaks into Joan's secret hideout, claiming to be her missing daughter Hannah on a sign. Instead of engaging in some interesting business, Joan turned the gun on him. He repeatedly claimed that he did not know his daughter and that he could not help him find her. Before leaving, he gave her a picture of Hannah and told her that there are others like himRaise an army and defeat the priestAlthough she threatened to kill him if he trespassed again, her stuttering words suggested otherwise.

June had apparently eaten something, which was enough to move her hiding place into the night, leaving behind an image of Hannah. She's back at work, but her next batch of mutilation victims are familiar faces:Dwight i Shirley, and a boy of about seven named Finch. The latter called Padre to tell them where he was and that they were under attack. But Dwight and Sherry need June's help treating Finn's appendicitis, and the clinic is too far to walk.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Bird" Recap and Spoilers (3)

Shirley and Dwight discover that Finch is their son, but of course he doesn't know it. Dwight taught combat drills to all the children under the name "Red Dragon" while Shirley worked in the daycare. The two haven't hung out in years, reminiscing about their time togetherA haven like the Walking DeadJune agrees to the old friendship of the two friends, on the condition that Dwight and Sherry get her a boat to go on. The four of them head towards the abandoned train where the old experiments were carried out. The severed head of a walker appears everywhere, filled with the mystery of what happened there.

As Joan prepares for surgery, Shirley finds files of old experiments involving radiation and biting small children. Adrian showed up, but when he got too excited, the power went out. what an anxious JuneDwight will react to the PacersIn another carriage, he tells them the truth about what happened. In the past, June conducted informal experiments under the Shrike at PADRE where she irradiated infected individuals to discover a cure for biting young children. But these treatments were more painful than dying from the bite of a small child, so June refused them.

Adrian encourages June to help his daughter and Finch play a real role in defeating the PADRE. Meanwhile, Dwight and Shirley figure out how to bypass the walker and activate the emergency bypass in the back of the train. Shirley was shocked by the findings of the experiment and the two agreed that PADRE was starting to look a little too much like a temple. The two agree to leave the PADRES and eventually become a family with Finch, but the happy moment is cut short when they fall off the roof of a wagon full of walkers.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 "Blue Bird" Recap and Spoilers (4)

In order to save Dwight and Shirley, Joan must go down memory lane and remember all the horrible crimes she committed all those years ago. In June, Adrian and Finch rescue Dwight and Shirley, and Finch learns his true identity. Adrian found zombie Hannah and attacked Joan, who explained that he was trying to save Hannah by treating her with radiation because he couldn't cut the bite wound. In another surprising twist, Joan discovers that Hannah has no patienceIn Padre's experimentJune also created this treatment because it reminded her of her daughter.

treat after six monthsAlicia Clarke's experience with radiationwhen she was bitten. Adrian then went with his daughter and sacrificed himself. June successfully completes Finch's surgery, and Dwight and Sherry let June go with them when they leave. it's still part of ithe is afraid of the walking deadThe family doesn't want to let her go so easily. Unfortunately, the happy moment was interrupted by a soldier priest. Shrike pays tribute to June with the song "Blue Jay" and a classic PADRE speech that saves lives, not takes them. PADRE has big plans and it's about children's safety.

June has no intention of returning to PADRE to continue the experiment Shrike wants. But the Shrike has more tricks up its sleeve: one of them is Adrian's zombie head, which is used as June's "momentum". Adrian Walker bites Finch's shoulder as Dwight and Shirley plead for mercy. June now has no choice but to try to save Finch's life, and Shrike has lost a finger just in case. on the road,Morgan and Madison are kidnappedin an unknown place. Morgan talks cryptically about something he hasn't done in a long time, possibly referring to his reluctance to leave the zombie wife who ended up killing his son. Madison distracts the soldiers by coughing and urges Morgan to right his past mistakes as he escapes.

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead premiere every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on AMC and was released last Thursday on AMC+.


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