NCIS Roundtable: "Damn You" (2023)

OurNCIS reviewThis week's season finale 'Damned If You Do' broken down in detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff Steve Marsi, Douglas Wolfe and Christine Orlando are gathered for our weekly Q&A roundtable on various events and topics in this issue.

Join us as we break down this fun hour of the #1 TV show season finale!


1. How would you describe this week in one word (or two, three or four)?

Doug: together in separation.

Christina: Leave.

Steve: Unconventional.

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2.What was your favorite quote or scene from Damned If You Do?

Doug:In fact, I laughed out loud when Franks started shooting at the fish. The smile on Gibbs' face was also very nice to see.

Christina: Admiral AJ Chegwidden! as a fan ofUE, the presentationNCISdismembered, he was really dizzy when he walked in as Gibbs' attorney. These two are soul mates. Heck, "AJ" still stands for Albert Jethro! I really hope we'll see more of him next season.

SteveUEthe call back was great. I also liked the scenes in the log cabin (that's what he was building all the timeNCIS season 10?) and Gibbs burning Mike's files, another flashback to years past. Oh, and Delilah?!

3. What was the most frustrating unanswered question?

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Doug: How the hell does an irradiated severed head, NCIS' problems relate to Parsons and Kazmi's deaths? When Tom Morrow gave Vance his declaration,and Vance nodded as if he understood, all I could think was "the operation was successful, the patient died".

Christina: There were so many, some of which Doug covered, but mine happened with Tony, Ziva and Tim. They said they admitted their own actions. Will Parsons press charges against them even after they have withdrawn? And even if not, what's next and how do we get them back?

Steve: How does the severed head fit in the suitcase? And how can Ziva, Tim and Tony take responsibility and quit and still get their jobs back?

4. What should Jimmy and Breena name the baby?

Doug: Jimmy has so much love and respect for his mentor that I can imagine him wanting to name his son Donald. If it's a girl, you might want to name her after her mother, Eunice.

Christina:Doug caught my only thought. I know they adopt, but can't you imagine little Jimmy walking around with glasses? He will be a good father.

Steve:Donald seems like the obvious choice. But Timothy or Abigail would be cute too...

5. Tony and Ziva: Always in the friend zone?

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Doug:It certainly seems so, doesn't it? That awful kiss on the forehead from Tony to Ziva certainly seemed to seal the deal. Expect plenty of clues and clues in the coming year. The worst foreplay in the world.

Christina: Seriously, if I don't hear the word Tiva again, I'd be so happy. What a waste. As a fan of these two characters, I feel like a complete idiot. Once again, the show triggered a payoff for this couple and it never went any further. I wish they would give both of them an outside love interest and be done with it.

Steve: Maybe naive, I thought they would actually end up kissing there. So Tony made friends with the area and I think that window closed. I don't know what's nextNCIS season 11, but that seemed like a turning point to me, and maybe that's for the best.

6. The Plot to Thwart Parsons: Satisfying or Disappointing?

Doug: Disappointing. Comfortable. almost lazy But for all that, his redemption lies in the fact that he's incomplete: Gibbs isn't over the hill. The investigation into his behavior is being postponed, not cancelled. I think that's a good thing, too: I want to see the irritating, seedy actor come back next season to eat away at the team's funds.

Christina:E. A bit disappointing considering all the backlog. I felt like the fight should have been more.

Steve: It was a bit of both. Disappointing for the reasons Doug and Christine gave, but satisfying because it wasn't an easy way out. Not destroyed by a hidden skeleton, Parsons survived to fight another day. Three NCIS agents were fired and it took a lot of effort at the top to get Gibbs out and he's still not out. No one can say that there were no consequences or that this scandal was swept under the rug.

7. Where is Gibbs and what is he doing?

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Doug: Many have suggested that he didn't shoot Tobias. I am open to the possibility that this will be the case. I'm guessing there's a rabid mole in the alphabet soup hierarchy of the various services, and maybe Tobias is one of them. When Tom Morrow ruled out Iran and North Korea, we were left with domestic terrorists or (worse) inside spies. I guess someone higher up recognized his unique covert ops skills and wanted him to clean up the mess. As for the place, I think it's home.

Christina:: I assume he shot everyone Tobias was protecting, whoever got out of that car. To what end remains to be seen.

Steve: If the implication was that the CIA killed Kazmi to cause international hysteria and, so to speak, allow the US to focus on the real threat, then this could very well be a mole hunt. Something that would definitely qualify as a covert mission for Gibbs. He didn't seem surprised to see Fornell in the crosshairs, but hesitated before firing a clear shot. If Tobias isn't the target, is he working with Gibbs, or is he groping in the dark about the fate that awaits whoever is in the car with him? And who is the wounded man at Gibbs?! Many questions.

8. There have been 10 NCIS season finales! Which was your favorite and why?

Doug: So far I think soNCIS season 9ending was the best. Having someone bomb the NCIS building while Ducky is having a heart attack on the beach certainly seems to me to top any of the other seasons. Fans scrambled to see if David McCallum's contract has been renewed. And we saw Ziva and Tony stuck in an elevator, which once again left fans wondering.TheActivity they would need to do to keep busy until help arrives. The NCIS writers are the absolute masters of The Big Tease.

Christina: There's nothing quite like the season 2 finale where Caitlin Todd was killed. It was so shocking and moving that I will always remember it.

Steve: It's hard to argue with Christine. That still gives you goose bumps when you pick it up in the US today! But after seeing Mike Franks again this week, I couldn't help but think back to his funeralNCIS season 8ended when Gibbs' woodwork on his coffin was revealed. That was excellent.

NCIS Season 8 Final Clip - Mike Frank's Funeral
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What do you think of these NCIS Questions of the Week? Discuss below!

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