One Year NCIS, Day 234: Damned If You Do (Episode 10.24 - Season Finale) (2023)

One Year NCIS, Day 234: Damned If You Do (Episode 10.24 - Season Finale) (1)

Consequence:Damn if you do that, episode 10.24 season finale.

show date: 14. May 2013.

The victim: Leutnant Chad McBride, USN.

Emotionally traumatized but irrelevant witness finds body:


ThroughRake, episode 10.22, anddouble blind, ep 10.23, Ziva kills Bodnar; Richard Parsons appears as a freelance attorney, ostensibly to investigate Bodnar's death; but actually he's there to arm all the agents in their quest to take Gibbs down... for something.

Probably a lot of things, if we're being honest here.


Gibbs is sitting by a lake fishing. Mike Franks is suddenly on the boat with him. Ever since Franks diedSwan song, ep 8.23, and that's not itTheArt Show, this is a vision of Gibbs. They joke about the damn fishing. As a metaphor for all the bad guys Gibbs and Franks have to deal with. However, Franks believes that the great ones would rather die fighting. Just like that you get a big one. Then, like a madman, he shoots into the water three times. Gibbs laughs. But then a human body in a dark suit floats to the surface. And now Franks is gone and more bodies are floating to the surface. Six or seven total. Gibbs looks down the beach and sees Vance, Tony, Ziva and McGee standing there. On the test bench.

And back to real life. Parsons meets with Gibbs. They're somewhere in Parson territory. It's not NCIS space. We get explanatory dialogue showing that Gibbs has been here for about a week and isn't saying much. Today Gibbs has a question: why now? Parsons says enough is enough and that Gibbs has been breaking the law and sweeping things under the rug for twenty years. DOD noticed, and now the deaths of Eli David and Jackie Vance (Shabbat Shalom, Episode 10.11) have opened the door to an investigation, and Parsons is dizzy about it. Parsons becomes hypocritical when it comes to enforcing the law. He tells Gibbs to take responsibility and leave the team alone. "All I want is the truth."

"You weren't there," Gibbs replies.

Aaaaa... Credit.

Plot summary: Vance calls SecNav and says he will update them. He hangs up and we see that DHS suit and former NCIS amateur Tom Morrow is also in the office. I was wondering if Morrow was behind this. You know, like a passive-aggressive response to Gibbs doing whatever he wanted to the point where Morrow just gave up and at that point stopped working. But when Vance says IG is giving Parsons carte blanche, Morrow calls Parsons "the little bastard" and thinks he's like "J. Edgar Hoover's Bastard Grandson". So there's a certain loyalty on Morrow's part.

Vance wonders if Parsons has a grudge against Morrow. Morrow is upset about the innuendo, but Vance wants to know why people are so afraid of this boy. Morrow says the most dangerous person in DC is the one who knows who Vance really is. I'm not sure if it's metaphorical.See tie, episode 6.18. Vance takes that literally, calling himself a widower in need of closure. Morrow plays "I Told You So" to get away from Bodnar, but Jackie's ghost was a more insistent whisper in Vance's ear. Still, Vance wonders why he isn't the one bearing the brunt of the witch hunt. Morrow calls Vance a victim and believes there are political ramifications for setting fire to a man who just lost everything. But Gibbs, now Gibbs, is a major trophy, especially in a world where he can be portrayed as Vance, who suffers a disservice from a rogue agent.

Back at the Department of Defense, Gibbs discovers that Parsons has nothing. Parsons thinks he may get revenge on former principal Jenny Shepard. Or even go back to Gibbs' NIS days. I think this is going to be one of those conversation episodes where my fingers fall off typing.

Gibbs frantically calls Parsons. Parsons says the same about Gibbs. You can talk to Gibbs' attorney about this. Not surprisingly, Gibbs doesn't have an attorney. Parson disagrees. And sure enough, a man walks in and tells Gibbs to stop talking.

Yes... that's a recall now. The man poses as A.J. Chegwiden. It clearly had to mean something, but I've never seen it before this episode. Luckily, Parsons remembers him as a Judge Advocate General, and that prompted me to look a little further. This character was a mainstay in 188 episodes ofUE, a show I've never seen but which features Gibbs, Tony and Abby (and Tom Morrow!)NCIS. This is a serious dedication to continuity and old-school fans. brave show

Chegwidden says his JAG days were "a long time ago" (9 years to be exact) and the uniform probably wouldn't fit him anymore. He now works in the private sector. Chegwidden admits to Parsons that he and Gibbs have had affairs in the past. Gibbs refers to Chegwidden as an admiral, so I'm guessing he was the head of JAG. Chegwidden also orders some tea, and I wonder if that's a nod to a character or catchphrase. I'm not used to not being the expert on my favorite series.

Anyway, Gibbs didn't call Chegwidden. Vance did. Parsons is surprised but undaunted. He says, "Let the games begin," and Chegwidden calls him out for being talkative. He then calls Parsons "son" and asks for his tea again. He then says to Gibbs, "Nice to see you again, Gunny."

i already like it

In the police room, officers walk with the NCIS files. Tony tells them where to find McGee's anime porn. McGee hangs up and says that Gibbs ordered them to shut up and back off. Ziva calls it a mistake, McGee advises against listening, and Tony urges McGee to look into Parsons' personal life.

At the lab, Ducky and Palmer visit Abby, who plays a video game she's developing, in which she fires a pistol at an excited and laughing Parsons. Palmer wants to play but Ducky pushes him away. Abby talks about Parsons for a while. But Ducky knocks her out and shows her the listening device he found at the autopsy. Walls have ears.

Parsons is arguing with a federal judge over a pre-appeal hearing. He feels Gibbs has had enough time to prepare as he goes wordless for a week. The judge believes Gibbs just hired an attorney. Playing all cards, Chegwidden discusses Gibbs' years of service, undermines Parson and berates his motivation. Basically the judges work. Which is the work. Of course, this one works again, like all good judges. She suggests that Parsons is barking up the wrong tree, but also believes that in 48 hours at least Gibbs will be arrested. So they better join in if Gibbs thinks he's good enough to beat the house. To be honest, she's more interested in buying her grandson a birthday cake, so Chegwidden makes sure to wish him a happy birthday. Parsons only scoffs.

The entire team, minus Gibbs but including Vance, gathers in the unlit elevator. Since Tony Parsons showed this move, I wonder why they don't assume it's buggy too. Oh wait, Tony checked it and it's fine. Vance says everything Parsons does is legitimate. But you have to stop the bleeding. He asks if there is anything that could increase the threat to Gibbs. Abby wonders about all the things in the Gibbs house.

Gibbs and Chegwidden arrive at the house. And yes, someone knocked over the place. Gibbs is glad his black and white TV is still working. That makes it the ubiquitous western. Then he hears something and draws his gun. Chegwidden rolls her eyes and steps back as Gibbs comes into the kitchen. It's just Ziva who also has her gun drawn. Tony walks through the front door and notices that the seats have been sprayed. Cutely, Tony spends a few seconds trying to figure out how he knows Chegwidden. Chegwidden doesn't help him. Chegwidden asks if there is a place where they can talk openly. Gibbs smiles.

And it turns out that Gibbs built a cabin in the woods. Tony calls him the doomsday setter. It's very spartan. No lines, no electricity, no address. Gibbs cleared the way. Presumably you own the land as a corporation. Gibbs says he's not hiding and that he has nothing to hide, but Chegwidden says they hang around because they have things to discuss. A helicopter flies overhead. It could be a coincidence. Chegwidden takes no chances and they enter. All except Gibbs, who declares, "I'm not a refugee." "Not yet," replies Chegwidden.

Later, Gibbs cooks steak over an open fire. Chegwidden founded Parsons. An Ivy League graduate, he worked in the Justice Department and later for a law firm in Philadelphia. For the most part, he's an ass kisser, a careerist, and an opportunist. But as Chegwidden points out, Parsons genuinely believes NCIS has crossed the line.

A knock on the door reveals the weapons. But it's only McGee. Report a dead Navy SEAL in Virginia. Ziva refuses to leave. Gibbs says to tell the victim's family. Then he pushes her outside. Tony walks flawlessly.

At the crime scene, the team meets Lt. Chad McBride, USN, a SEAL. Or they find his head in a mailbox in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and mail it to his wife, Emily.

Ziva interviews Emily. Lieutenant McBride's mission was top secret, so she didn't know where he was going and hadn't spoken to him in two weeks.

At the autopsy, Ducky and Palmer examine the head. There's the usual tug of war, but then Palmer says he and his wife, Breena, are waiting. Ducky objects to Palmer breaking the news on the side. But Palmer clarifies that Breena is not pregnant. You are on the waiting list for adoption. Given the number of unwanted babies in the world, they will do it first. Of course, this might be Palmer's only option since the Geiger counter is going off and the lieutenant's head is pretty radioactive. Ducky orders quarantine and Palmer searches for protective gear.

Gibbs and Dream Franks hunt with guns. Franks tells Gibbs not to think too much. He's been using his instincts for so long. Do not give up now. Franks reminds Gibbs that they make choices and there are consequences. They help some and harm others. And they make sacrifices to live with. Gibbs clearly has doubts and wonders about the downsides of shooting first and asking questions later. But he seems to be coming to the conclusion, "Damn if you do that..." They hear footsteps and Gibbs raises his gun and fires. A damn Vance gets up off the floor and says just like he said at the endShabbat Shalom, Episode 10.11, "She's Dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.

Gibbs wakes up in his cabin with an unusually strange look of fear on his face. Chegwidden rode into town to buy Gibbs coffee at his usual place.See life before your eyes, episode 9.14. He's ready to talk when Gibbs is. Gibbs still looks shaken.

On NCIS, Parsons runs to the elevator with Ziva. He speaks but she ignores him. He says they're both doing their jobs: catching the bad guys. But her villains are harder to catch because they're just like her: good people who made bad decisions. He pretends to offer his condolences on the loss of Eli. And then he suggests that considering how close he is to Gibbs, it might as well be chilling to watch him go under. Parsons says he knows he threw Bodnar overboard and killed his own brother Ari.Kill Ari, part two, Episode 3.2. But so far there has been no punishment for either of them. Ziva leaves the elevator without a word. Parsons tells himself it's only a matter of time.

Vance joins MTAC. He cleans the technician's room. Captain Wayne is on screen. He is Lieutenant McBride's commanding officer. Vance says he doesn't know anything about the mission. Captain Wayne says that Lieutenant McBride was conducting a top secret reconnaissance and the less Vance knows about it the better. Vance isn't ready to accept this, mostly because the head in his morgue is hotter than Chernobyl. Captain Wayne seems surprised by this last part. He says to keep the remains safe until he speaks to his superiors. But he's an idiot, so Vance reminds him that they're on the same team. Captain Wayne points out that news travels fast and that Vance must be cautious given the current controls his crew is subject to.

Abby is going crazy in the lab. Major Mass Spec checks all body materials Ducky and Palmer sent. Tony and Vance bond. Abby reports that what she has indicates that Lt. McBride was held captive in the desert and beaten and tortured. Seems to be a message to go back. But Vance doesn't accept fees. Call Tom Morrow instead

In the police room, McGee has new information on Parsons. He's a professional thug with powerful friends. He gets inundated with confidential files and has a lot of dirt on a lot of people. Tony and Ziva ask how McGee got the information, and he's strangely reticent about what he says. Tony thinks McGee has a DOD-area friend. McGee smiles and says her name is Delilah. He specializes in web and information security.

In the cabin, Gibbs is chopping wood. Chegwidden needs more cooperation from Gibbs. Gibbs doesn't play by the rules, he takes the law into his own hands and if he falls, the team goes with it. Gibbs calls it his fault. Chegwidden thinks it's not that simple. According to IG, the team not only sends criminals to jail but also to the morgue. Sometimes, Gibbs admits. Chegwidden names four (a ridiculously low number on TV): Ari Haswari inKill Ari, part two, Episode 3.2 (Self-Defense, But Possibly Avoidable); Agent Michelle Lee inOut of, Episode 6.9 (innocent lives were literally at stake); Reynosa pigeon inspider and fly, Episode 9.1 (she was killed by her own brother, but the build was incomplete); and Harper Dearing inextreme prejudice, Episode 10.1 (clearly a case of self-defense, but certainly could have been prevented). Gibbs says there was no choice... and that's the part where he hides the truth a bit. Chegwidden says there's always a choice. He's a bit naive here, but in this case he's on the right track when he says, "Was his death absolutely necessary?" And the answer is that besides Agent Lee, there were ways to catch the rest without luring them into "police suicide" plays. Whether it should matter is a central tension of this show.

Still, Gibbs says it's nothing he wouldn't do again, and Chegwidden asks him not to say that in court. Gibbs laughs and says he won't stand trial.

Parsons meets with Vance. He says that he and Vance are very similar. Vance genuinely disagrees or doesn't want to have this conversation without a witness. Parsons says Vance doesn't want a witness. Vance asks him to talk. Parsons says he checked the documents and that a specific file is missing. Vance smiles and says he's going to bite. Which of them. Parsons references Abby's work on the Pedro Hernandez shooting. Vance pleads ignorance. Parsons warns him to stay above ground. Vance mentions that sometimes you have to mess up a good pair of shoes to get it right. He then asks if Parsons is doing the right thing. Parsons does not answer.

The team meets Gibbs in the dressing room. You have information on Parsons. Each of his last five cases has resulted in a significant promotion for him. He collected dirty information about his DOD colleagues and used it against them. The agents believe they can expose Parsons as a blackmailer and that Vance will have an impact on IG. Gibbs says no. Following Parsons Rules means admitting that you did something wrong. And now they have a paper trail.

Ziva says Gibbs can't do this alone and needs her help. Gibbs gets mad and says it's not his job. Ziva is equally angry and says it's not about her job. It's about your family. she runs away

And she's still angry when Tony finds her in the woods. They argue about what Gibbs is doing. And Ziva says he's trying to protect her. But she has always taken responsibility for her own mistakes. She calms down. And approaches him. She says she's sorry if she hurt him. It was never intended. She says, "Tony, I care so much about our..." then stammers "friendship" as he stands in silence. She doesn't want any discomfort between them. He kisses her on the head and says that nothing is awkward between friends.

Vance and Morrow meet again. He is upset that DHS took the head of Lt. McBride didn't intercept before his wife took him. So NCIS would not have been called. Vance wants to know what he's not being told. Morrow says Vance can't take responsibility for what he doesn't know. But there's a connection between Lieutenant McBride's death and what's going on with Vance's team. The assassination of Eli David opened a bigger can of political worms than anyone expected. Vance mentions that Eli and Kazmi the Iranians worked for peace.Shabbat Shalom, episode 10.11. But Bodnar, killing her, opened the door.

Morrow agrees, but says angry governments stir the pot and open the door for more recognition. DHS and CIA wanted Iran to believe Mossad was responsible for Kazmi's death. Morrow admits that the CIA killed Kazmi so that Bodnar would be the scapegoat. Iran and Israel could fight while the United States focuses on the real threat here at home. However, it is not said what this threat is. Vance and Morrow sit down. Vance asks if Parsons knew about this when he started his investigation. Morrow says no, but he saw an opportunity. Vance questions about the Lt. McBride connection. Morrow says, "Not good," and that's all we have before the fade.

Gibbs returns to his ruined home. Ghost Franks compliments him on the decoration. Franks isn't surprised Gibbs came home. There's no point in hiding if you're just running from the truth. Gibbs says the cabin is a good place to think. Franks believes there is no point in thinking and that he should start doing it. Unless you're scared. Franks notes that Gibbs keeps losing people. Shannon, Kelly, Franks himself. He wonders who will be next. Franks challenges Gibbs to give him the good reasons he had for the things he did. Says Gibbs, "All I ever wanted was to be a good Marine. a good husband "And you have that," says Franks. Parsons wants to fight. What will Gibbs do?

"Fight," Gibbs says loudly to an empty house.

In the team room, the team continues to discuss Gibbs' next move. Tony speaks English through Ziva. McGee defends her. Ziva says she can handle Tony on her own. Tony agrees and they make eyes. Abby takes the hard-nosed view that catching bad guys and doing good shouldn't be illegal. She wants to step on Parsons' cock. Literally, but she's more delicate, as she puts it.

Gibbs comes into the room in work clothes. You ask him what he does and he says, "I work here." Then go up. But everyone's excited because it looks like he's made a decision.

In Vance's office, Vance says he never saw it coming. Gibbs practically spits out the letters "CIA," but doesn't seem surprised. NCIS was just collateral damage. Gibbs says they will recover. Vance says Parsons wants to lead by example and will not back down. Gibbs says what you see is what you get, whether it's success, failure or whatever. And he won't fight by Parsons rules. Vance suggests that Morrow might have a solution. And if they're successful, anyone can clean the board. Gibbs demands capture. Vance says, "I could kill you." "Just like rotten mussels," Gibbs smiles. Vance laughs and hints that they've chosen a great career. I have to make a living, Gibbs explains.

And the two men shake hands.

Franks talks about keeping secrets to protect the people you love.

We see Parsons walking down a hallway. We see Vance reviewing Abby's forensic report on the death of Pedro Hernandez. Then he grinds it. and we know ofspider and fly, Episode 8.1. this is the only copy.

Franks says the truth is not the poison. It's the cure. And the best thing you can do is teach your kids not to be afraid.

Tony, Ziva and McGee find themselves in a darkened team room. Tony says they don't have to do what they're going to do. But Ziva disagrees. McGee says Gibbs would do the same for her. Tony suggests that Ziva might not like the ending. Ziva has never trusted happy endings.

The three agents enter Vance's office. He asks them if they have anything to say. The three place their badges on his desk. He looks but doesn't speak.

Franks says that people try to live a good life, a clean life, but secrets get in the way.

Gibbs opens a wall in his basement and takes out the box he received from Mike FranksSwan song, episode 8.23. Burn the files.

Franks talks about using secrets to your advantage. But leave them all behind and the honest man will emerge victorious.

Vance, Morrow, Chegwidden and Captain Wayne join Parsons in his office. Parsons angrily demands to know where Gibbs is. Gibbs is gone on a special mission for JSOC. Parsons says that's not part of the deal and gets hypocritical about all the time he gave Gibbs. Morrow tells Parsons to sit down and Chegwidden does one more.UECall back with "I've always liked this guy." Morrow hands over a paper stating that IG promptly postponed the investigation. Parsons is irritated and says he has thousands of documents ready to use in prosecuting Gibbs. Vance says the entire team submitted their resignation and took full responsibility for their actions. Parsons calls it cover, but Captain Wayne says JSOC requested his immediate assistance after Gibbs was released. Parsons asks, "Is Agent Gibbs valuable enough to allow this?" It ends up being rhetorical because no one answers. At least not verbally.

Instead, we get an on-screen map telling us it's four months later. We hear heavy breathing and see Gibbs step forward to clench the wound of a man leaning against a wall in what looks like a warehouse and who could be Captain Wayne. He says, "Gibbs... do it."

Gibbs goes to a window where a sniper rifle is armed. It's night outside and he points to a convoy of motorized vehicles. He's waiting for someone to get out of one of the vehicles. I'm waiting to shoot that someone. His finger moves to the trigger. The target looks familiar from behind. He will come.

Oh shit. It's Fornell. Fornell speaking on a comlink. Gibbs looks through the telescope. The target is centered on Fornell's chest. Gibbs looks through the telescope again. The screen goes dark.

And we heard a shot.

End of tenth season.

Others: There is nothing to highlight.

Ziva-propismos: Ziva accuses Ducky of preaching to the symphony. It means "choir". She doesn't know the term "cocktail shaker".

Prices Tony: Tony compares himself to Hannibal Lecter, at least in the elevator department. he refersJeremiah Johnson(1972) miburning saddles(1974). Tony compares the murder of Lieutenant McBride to the last murder inSe7en(1996).

Abby way: It was an amazing first person shooter game. She also wants bi-weekly Team Elevator talks.

McApelidos: McDirty's Laundromat. McSnoop dog. McKilljoy. Palmer calls Abby "Abby Oakley".

duck stories: Ducky talks about Watergate and Foggy Bottom.

The rest of the story:

Jokes aside, the show has made it clear at a few points that Gibbs and Morrow are friends. As far as Gibbs is concerned, he has different friends than Franks or Fornell.see foreign enemies, episode 8.8.

- In these last few episodes, Vance has shown that he lacks agency. He probably should have killed Bodnar himself, but he mostly set up a shotgun (and not even that) and let Ziva do it. It seems odd that someone as determined as Vance would have outsourced his revenge.

I don't believeUEThe character has appeared on this show since Bud Roberts, Jr.hang to dry, episode 1.2.

- Good to see Palmer picking up a video game gun. This means that his experience of shooting (but somehow not killing) a real person didn't have any lasting effects.detour, episode 10.16.

-Gibbs made a cowboy steak for Tonyflesh and blood, Episode 8.7.

-Palmer has only been married a year.Until death do us part,Episode 9.24. Adding a child, adopted or not, is a quick task.

-More about Delilah in the future. She couldn't remember being mentioned that early.

- It's funny that the powers that be are concerned about body count on this show. The main characters rarely kill anyone. By police TV show standards, this kit is perfect. Well, if you want a body count, there's an NCIS Special Projects office that operates out of Los Angeles that I can refer you to.

- At this point, however, Gibbs' cardinal sin is that when he wants to kill someone, he manipulates the circumstances so that the person does something that gives Gibbs or someone else an excuse to kill them. That was the case with Ari, Paloma and Dearing. And Gibbs just had his own bloody hands with Dearing. And see what he does in a few seasons.

-Abby investigated the death of Pedro Hernandez and determined that Gibbs was the killerShould, episode 7.22. The file with your results has been run through.spider and fly, Episode 8.1.

- If the CIA killed an Iranian idiot on American soil and tried to blame him for the Israelis in our world, they would start a massive war.

-Uh, Gibbs was a good husband every fourth time, Franks.

Gibbs hates the CIA. Rightly.see for exampleVerRoyal and loyal, Episode 8.4 or any episode starring Trent Kort.

- It was suspected that Frank's box contained dirt on Vance. Perhaps its origin is suggested inSuppress, episode 6.18.

-This episode is a spiritual successor tolife before your eyes, episode 9.14. There, in a kind of dream state, Gibbs evaluated his actions and consequences. One wonders whether that will help or hurt.

Audition: The judge was played by Natalija Nogulich. He's been around for a while, but he caught my eye because he played an admiral in itStar Trek: The Next Generation.

Dude, this program is old.: Nothing stands out.

Most Valuable Player: Crap. give it tomorrow It was time the old son of a bitch got some work done.

Evaluation: The show continues to be praised for forcing the audience into awkward positions. The fact of the matter is that both NCIS and Gibbs are accountable to someone or something. But by making Parsons a mean jerk and emphasizing the team's loyalty to one another, the show makes us feel insecure. Chegwidden's inclusion of Deep in canon is an excellent nod to the presentation of history, shared continuity, and longtime viewers. Gibbs' determination is impressive, as is his dedication to standing up to those around him. Gibbs' cult of personality has never been more impressive (or conversely, more disturbing). The conclusion is satisfying in terms of the big reunion at the end where the powerful drop the JSOC bombshell on Parsons and compelling in terms of Fornell's cliffhanger. A great end to the season and a great preparation for the next season. Unfortunately,…

...well, let's get to that.

Nine palms.

One Year NCIS, Day 234: Damned If You Do (Episode 10.24 - Season Finale) (2)

Season 10 started strong and ended strong with only a few missteps. I counted four episodes that received nine Palmers, and 8 and 7 Palmers were the norm. Just five episodes produced six or less Palmers and only the infamous Hatfield/McCoys conspiracy to go along with ithit and run, Episode 10.13 andcatch ghosts, ep 10.20 with its obviously fake death plot scored four Palmer.

On the plus side, Harper Dearing's arc went well and efficiently.extreme prejudice, Episode 10.1. And the arc involving the deaths of Eli David and Jackie Vance, while perhaps ill-conceived, was extremely well executed, except that Bodnar was a slightly disappointing opponent.Shiwa, episode 10.12 was particularly attractive.the namesake, episode 10.5, the first part ofpost war trauma¸ Episode 10.6,detour, episode 10.16,found, ep. 10.19 and of course the best of the seasonDiabos Trifecta, Episode 10.9 were incredibly memorable episodes for their own reasons.recreation, episode 10.2 andLost, episode 10.8 gave us good mysteries and a lot of pathos. ANDcanary, ep 10.14, while perhaps legally suspect, was a lot of fun.

Great solid season. Too bad it's the last season of...

...well, let's get to that.

Next time: Everything goes sideways. Literally everything, because events in our real world take the show off the balance beam and do what they can to make sure there's some landing.

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One Year NCIS, Day 234: Damned If You Do (Episode 10.24 - Season Finale) (3)
One Year NCIS, Day 234: Damned If You Do (Episode 10.24 - Season Finale) (4)

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