Red Dead Redemption 2 Keyboard Controls - (2023)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Keyboard Controls - (1)

Last updated on March 24, 2023

Red Dead Redemption 2 Keyboard Controls - Horse, Archer, Combat, Crowd, Photo Mode, In-Game Camera and more


(Video) Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Keybinds for PC You must try !

  • 1 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Universal
  • 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC keyboard controls - in-game camera
  • 3 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Walkthrough
  • 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Horse Control
  • 7 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - In-Game Menu
  • 8 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls – Radar
  • 9 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC kontrole tipkovnice – Stock
  • 10 RDR2 activity control
  • 11 Checking the operation of the RDR2 photo
  • 12 portable RDR2 camera controllers
  • 13 controller Deadeye RDR2

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Universal

All RDR2 Universal PC Keyboard Controllers:

  • Pause menu = P
  • Interaction with flow message = F1
  • open card = M
  • Interaction, driving and entering the vehicle = E

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - In-Game Camera

All in-game RDR2 camera keyboard controls:

  • osvrni se = C
  • loop camera = V
  • movie camera = V
  • Change film clip = C
  • camera focus = V

All RDR2 On Foot PC Keyboard Controllers:

  • forward movement = W
  • backward movement = S
  • shift left = A
  • Move right = D
  • Run = L and Shift
  • Context action = spacebar
  • Take it with you = R
  • Inside and outside the cover = Q
  • jump = space

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Horse Control

All RDR2 Horse PC Keyboard Controllers:

(Video) Red Dead Online on PC - Quick Reference Guide for Keyboard & Mouse Users (with timestamps)

  • forward movement = W
  • backward movement = S
  • shift left = A
  • Move right = D
  • Horse whistle = H
  • Horse jump = space bar
  • Fast Combat Horse Mode = F
  • Sprint = L & Shift
  • Slow stop L & Ctrl
  • No interaction with animals = G
  • box = B
  • Feed the horse = R
  • Rosary left horse attack = L and mouse button
  • Right melee attack with horse = R and mouse button

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Trucks, Ships and Trains

All PC keyboard controls for RDR2 trucks, ships and trains:

  • forward movement = W
  • backward movement = S
  • turn left = A
  • turn right = D
  • Acceleration = L & Shift
  • Brake = L & Ctrl
  • Projector = O (non-zero)
  • train whistle = Z
  • Replace the vehicle seat = Z

Red Dead Redemption 2 Keyboard Controls - Combat, Lockdown and Interaction

All RDR2 Combat, Lock-on and Interact PC keyboard controls:

  • Lock target and interaction = R and mouse button
  • Attack = L and mouse button
  • Target in the air = U
  • Toggles the M sight and mouse buttons
  • Crowd attacks and negative interactions = F
  • Crowd blocking and active interaction = R
  • Melee Grapple & Rob Interact = E
  • Weapon Reload = R
  • Eagle Eye & Dead Eye = M and mouse button (or UPPERCASE)
  • Dead eye indicates enemies = Q
  • Change camera shoulder view = X
  • Holsters and holstered weapons (click) = TAB
  • Toggle weapon fire mode = B
  • Weapon Boost = ]
  • Weapon Reduction = [
  • Next weapon = mouse wheel
  • Previous weapon = mouse wheel
  • Additional locking options = G
  • Additional locking option 2 = H
  • Additional lock option 3 = space bar
  • Buy from store = E
  • Store sales = Rs
  • Special features of Shopi = F
  • Pay bonus in store = B
  • Equip Left Gun = 1
  • Equipped with dual pistols = 2
  • Right hand equipment = 3
  • Equipped Unarmed = 4
  • Equip melee weapon = 5
  • Equip rear long arms = 6
  • Equip Throwing Weapon = 7
  • Equip Long Arm Shoulders = 8

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - In-Game Menu

All PC keyboard controls in the RDR2 in-game menu:

  • up = up and arrow
  • down = down and arrow
  • left = L and arrow
  • Right = R and arrow
  • accept = return (or numeric keypad entry)
  • cancel = backspace
  • Additional options = space bar
  • Additional option 2 = F
  • Additional option 3 = L & Ctrl
  • Additional option 4 = TAB
  • Previous card = Q (or Pg & Up)
  • Next card = E (or Pg & Down)
  • Next subtab = X
  • Last auxiliary mark = Z
  • Additional numeric keypad 5 down
  • Extra left = numeric keypad 4
  • Additional permissions = Numpad 6
  • extra gore =
  • Next document page = R & arrow
  • previous document page = L and arrow
  • scroll up = gore i strelica
  • scroll down = down and arrow
  • zoom = R and mouse button
  • Change Storage Currency Type (Commitment) = L & Shift

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Keyboard Controls - Radar

All RDR2 Radar PC keyboard controls:


  • Show info (press) and change radar mode (press and hold) = L & Alt
  • Radar Compass = Z
  • Conventional radar = C
  • Extended Radar = X
  • Turn off radar = V

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC kontrole tipkovnice - Stock

  • Open bag = B
  • Player's log and menu = L
  • open diary = J
  • Open Weapon Wheel = TAB
  • Wheel of open items = F4
  • Next wheel menu = R
  • Next carousel menu item = E
  • Previous wheel menu item = Q
  • Check item = M and mouse button (or F)
  • Next Query Page = Q
  • next element = X
  • previous mandate = G
  • Options menu = space bar
  • Quick Use Items = I

RDR2 activity control

All active RDR2 PC keyboard controls:

  • Increase bet = up and arrow (or =)
  • Decrease bet = down and arrow (or -)
  • skip circle = TAB
  • Free layout = M and mouse button (or L and Alt)
  • Blackjack Fall = F
  • Blackjack Double = D
  • Blackjack Hand View = R i tipke miša
  • Blackjack Hit = H
  • Blackjack Split = TAB
  • Blackjack positions = S
  • Table display for blackjack = space bar
  • Domino up = up and arrow (or W)
  • Dominoes down = down and arrow (ή S)
  • Left domino = L and arrow (or A)
  • Domino right = R and arrow (or D)
  • tile with domino view = V
  • Domino View Scroll = Space
  • Circular movement with five fingers A
  • Round motion with five fingers B
  • Five Finger Filet Practice Sequence Left = Q
  • The order of the exercise of the fillet with five fingers = E
  • The five finger fillets grow and continue =F
  • Rounded edge with five fingers and attempt = R
  • Five toe exercise = space bar
  • C = Five-finger circular motion
  • Circular movement with five fingers D = D
  • Circular zoom with 5 fingers = R and mouse button
  • Speed ​​of fishing reel = R
  • Reel deceleration = F
  • Fishing reel = spacebar
  • Ribolovna rola = L & Shift
  • Poker Show Community card = space bar
  • Switch = F
  • Check Fold in Poker = G
  • Poker shows possible hands = H
  • Poker Look at your cards = R and mouse button
  • Autobet poker = A

Control RDR2 photo mode

All computer keyboard controls with RDR2 photo mode:

  • Turn on photo mode = F6
  • Change camera = V
  • gore = D
  • down = S
  • Left = A
  • right = D
  • reset = R
  • next shot = X
  • Previous shot=Z
  • Turn left = Q
  • Turn right = E
  • Toggle HUD = H
  • Look at the photo = C
  • Take photo = R and mouse button (or use Steam key to bypass)
  • return = backspace
  • Change mode = TAB (or M and mouse key)
  • Increase potion strength = up and arrow
  • Decreasing filter strength = down and arrow
  • Increase focus = up and arrow
  • Decrease focus = down and arrow
  • Decrease contrast = ]
  • contrast gain = [
  • Blur power reduction = PgUp
  • Blur Power Increase = PgDown
  • next filter = R and arrow
  • Previous filter = L and arrow
  • Increasing exposure = J
  • exposure reduction = K
  • Lock exposure = L
  • zoom in =]
  • reduce = [

RDR2 portable camera control

All PC keyboard controls for RDR2 handheld cameras:

  • Photo gallery = V
  • depth of field = E
  • next expression = down and arrow
  • previous expression = up and arrow
  • use camera = R and mouse button
  • Next pose = R & arrow
  • Previous stop = L and arrows
  • Selfie = M and mouse button
  • Take photo = R and mouse button

RDR2 Deadeye Control

All Deadeye RDR2 Camera PC keyboard controls:

(Video) Red Dead Redemption 2 – Does It Play VASTLY Better on PC?

If you're a PC user, you can simply go to Dead Eye and press "Q" to mark an enemy. Interestingly, you can engage any number of opponents, however, you just need to make sure you have the necessary ammo in your weapon

Additional RDR2 drivers:

  • a horseAdhesion
  • rata horse
  • besta horse
  • upgrade the camp
  • cleanyour horse

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Is Red Dead 2 better with mouse and keyboard? ›

Keyboard and mouse works wonderfully. for me its the keyboard and mouse (i dont like the overall controls on both options myself) but the shooting with a controller is just something as a gamer i have never been able to do good... The game have full assisted aim or only partial ?

What are the keyboard controls for fighting in rdr2? ›

On PC, the controls are LMB/H for Punching, RMB for Aiming, F for Grappling, and Space for Blocking.

Can you play Red Dead 2 with keyboard and mouse Xbox? ›

Xbox One offers keyboard support for all games since it's release, and mouse for a couple of weeks. You don't need the adapter. It's completely plug-n-play.

Is it harder to play on keyboard and mouse or controller? ›

Keyboard & mouse are generally harder to use than a controller. Another distinct difference between these two input methods is speed and precision. Mice and keyboards are more precise and accurate compared to controllers. The controller, on the other hand, allows smoother movement and better camera control.

Is rdr2 on PC gamepad or keyboard? ›

Red Dead 2 is one of those games that plays more sensibly on a gamepad than keyboard and mouse. And thankfully, the PC version has native controller support for both DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers, with the same button mapping as their console counterparts at the ready.

How do you wave rdr2 on keyboard? ›

RMB aim at a target, press TAB, select "2" for wave. All emotes also have 2 variations aside from a single press: holding does a infinite loop and double tap on an emote shows a more expressive form of said emote.

How to use mouse as keyboard? ›

To turn on Mouse Keys

, clicking Control Panel, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Ease of Access Center. Click Make the mouse easier to use. Under Control the mouse with the keyboard, select the Turn on Mouse Keys check box.

Can you play RDR2 without a mouse? ›

Naturally, the game switches off the pad's auto aim when you start playing with a mouse, and you can switch freely between mouse and pad if you prefer riding a horse with a controller.

How to use a keyboard? ›

You press the individual buttons on the keyboard when you type. The number keys across the top of the keyboard are also found on the right of the keyboard. The letter keys are in the centre of the keyboard. The symbol keys to the right of the letters include symbols such as the question mark and full stop.

Is it possible to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox? ›

You can use wired USB mice and keyboards for navigation in select games and apps, and—with a keyboard—for getting around on Xbox and Windows devices. Note Xbox supports the use of mouse and keyboard in some games and apps, but it doesn't work for all content.

Is it worth playing keyboard and mouse on Xbox One? ›

A keyboard and mouse will give you better precision than your standard Xbox One controller so you can keep up in cross-platform games without shelling out money for a top gaming PC. These are all the games that support a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One.

Do most PC gamers use a controller or keyboard? ›

Though there are keyboards that experiment with pressure-sensitive inputs, they are relatively uncommon. This means controllers are often preferred by players of vehicle-based games, like Rocket League, or games that require precise movement, like Dark Souls.

Do pro gamers use mouse or controller? ›

Pro first-person shooter gamers use mouse and keyboard for the precision, while pro-racing game players use a wheel setup for the precision in those games, so on and so forth.

Do pros play keyboard or controller? ›

Remember that it depends on the game that you are playing. In esports, most of the players tend to use keyboard and mouse. Almost nobody uses gamepad in certain genres simply because it doesn't get the job done very well. For MOBA-like games, it's just common sense to use a keyboard and mouse.

How do I make my RDR2 controls better? ›

At the top of the control options menu in Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll find the Targeting section. By changing these settings, you essentially switch between auto aiming and free aiming. Auto aiming lets you lock onto targets immediately when you hold L2 to aim, and generally makes the game easier.

Why is RDR2 better on PC? ›

But on the whole, the move to PC is about adding depth of atmosphere, character, and setting. In terms of the additional content, there are three new bounty hunting missions, two additional gang hideouts, a pair of extra treasure maps, and an original stranger mission.

Do you need a good PC to play Red Dead? ›

Red Dead Redemption 2 game details

And your CPU has to be at least a Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-6300 and more horse power gets you more fun.

How do you Parry in rdr2? ›

Whenever a fistfight kicks off in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are two buttons you need to remember: Square and Circle on the PS4, and X and B on the Xbox One. The first of both these buttons is the button to defend yourself against attacks, while the latter lets you strike out with a fist at your opponent.

How do you fist fight without killing someone in Red Dead Redemption 2? ›

Whats the trick in defending yourself without murder? Let the npc hit you first, so it's self defence. After he gets KO'd the fight is over. You can kick him 2 or 3 more times before he dies, but that will be considerd assault.

What is push to talk button in rdr2? ›

Set up the push to talk option to control your microphone with a keyboard shortcut. You will be able to be muted by default and activate your microphone every time you speak. Tips: This feature allows people in a noisy environment to activate only their microphone when they speak.

How do you say hello in rdr2? ›

Background. If Marston has honor past neutral and the player presses the O/B button while facing a friendly NPC, Marston will tip his hat towards the NPC followed by a spoken greeting. The NPC will often return the greeting. Alternatively, the player can taunt other NPCs if their honor is below neutral.

What is the left shift left alt NumLock? ›

To activate Mouse Keys – Press Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock. A tone sounds and the Mouse Keys dialog appears.

What is the key between FN and Ctrl? ›

In computing, the menu key or application key ( ≣ Menu ) is a key found on Microsoft Windows-oriented computer keyboards, introduced at the same time as the Windows logo key.

Can a keyboard do everything a mouse can? ›

You can actually do just about everything you use a mouse and trackpad for using your keyboard, if you know the right shortcuts. Underlined characters show you which key to press to make selections.

Is RDR2 hard to run on PC? ›

The game is tough on PC hardware. You will require a very solid build in order to play RDR2 on its highest settings. With that said, the game is still playable on mid-tier machines, just with some options turned down.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 hard on PC? ›

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very demanding game. If your computer can manage to get at least a steady 60 FPS with all settings at their maximum, we recommend that you keep those settings. If you are getting below 60 FPS, though, you can try lowering some of the game settings.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 hard to play? ›

Red Dead Redemption 2 is easy enough to pick up, but there are lots of details that, if missed out on, will make the game a lot harder than necessary!

What are the F1 F2 F3 F4 f5 on the keyboard? ›

F1 – Opens the Help screen for almost every program. F2 – Allows you to rename a selected file or folder. F3 – Opens a search feature for an application that is active at the moment. F4 – Alt + F4 closes the active window.

What are the control keys on a keyboard? ›

The most frequently used control keys are Ctrl, Alt, the Windows logo key , and Esc. Function keys. The function keys are used to perform specific tasks.

What are the function keys on the keyboard? ›

The function keys or F keys are lined across the top of the keyboard and labeled F1 through F12. These keys act as shortcuts, performing certain functions, like saving files, printing data, or refreshing a page. For example, the F1 key is often used as the default help key in many programs.

How to control Xbox without controller? ›

Use the Xbox app

The Xbox app has been around for a few years and is a viable way to control your Xbox One. You can chat with friends, look for groups in games, update your activity feed, watch videos and promos of games, buy games to remotely for your Xbox and use it as a media controller for watching movies or TV.

Can I use laptop as keyboard for Xbox? ›

That will not be possible. The workaround will be using remote play or console streaming which is through Xbox App or Console Companion. And yes, you can also use a wired keyboard.

What is the advantage of using keyboard on Xbox? ›

Using a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox One can offer greater precision and control in some games. You can connect a keyboard and mouse directly to the Xbox One, and the console will recognize them. However, some Xbox One games don't support mouse and keyboard, so make sure your game is compatible first.

How many Xbox One games support keyboard and mouse? ›

Original story: You're probably well aware that the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S all feature mouse and keyboard support in certain games, but you might not be aware of how far it extends, with over 100 games supporting it!

Is it better to play Xbox with controller or keyboard? ›

There's no clear winner between controllers vs. mouse and keyboard for gaming. Both input methods have their pros and cons, and it comes down to personal preference. Many users are proficient with both systems and can use them interchangeably.

Should I play dying light 2 on PC with mouse and keyboard or controller? ›

Ultimately, both setups have their arguable advantages, with mouse and keyboard often prevailing in shooting and controller for parkour chases and rumble immersion features. A deciding factor for many, however, might be the fact there is no button remapping for controllers in Dying Light 2.

Is it better to use the keyboard than the mouse? ›

Precision. For any part of your job that requires writing — be it words or code — the keyboard is often the more accurate way to go. With a mouse, you run the higher risk of leaving out a line of text that you meant to highlight, for instance.

What games play better on keyboard and mouse? ›

The best PC games that demand a mouse and keyboard
Best tactics gameXCOM 2SEE IT
Best MMORPGFinal Fantasy XIVSEE IT
Best strategy gameCivilization VISEE IT
Feb 2, 2023

Does Red Dead 2 look better on PC? ›

It's easy to reel off the many visual improvements that have been made as Red Dead Redemption 2 moves from console to PC. Extended draw distances let you see further. Enhanced global illumination and ambient occlusion fill the world with more nuanced, richer lighting and shadows.

Should I play Dark Souls on PC with mouse and keyboard or controller? ›

The game was designed specifically for controller-use. Everything you need is with reach, with no other buttons and keys to get in your way. Movement is more accurate, and you're not likely to struggle with things like sensitivity.

Is Dying Light 2 better on normal or hard? ›

The difficulty of play is easy enough but inventory management is apart of a game and in games like this with loot abound(still plenty of loot on hard) and if the inventory management is nearly untenable on hard mode. slightly smarter AI of humans, get hit harder by enemies. slightly less loot.

Why Dying Light 2 is better than Dying Light? ›

Story and Characters

But if you're here for the story, play Dying Light 1 first. It has much better characters, the plots are connected, and each stage gives a sense of satisfaction. In the sequel, the story is non-linear, and you decide how your adventure unfolds, so it's a less story-driven recommendation.

Do pros bring their own mouse and keyboard? ›

Do pros bring their own mouse and keyboard? No, but pros do replace gear often. Most will replace gear every 6 months or so due to wear. Gaming gear is expensive, even for pros that get stuff from sponsors, so to have new gear EVERY tournament would be costly.

Do keyboards help you type faster? ›

The tactile and audio feedback from a mechanical keyboard can help improve typing speeds and let you know the keystrokes are registering. While mechanical keyboards can offer improvements in typing speed, the biggest factor will always be practice, practice, practice.

What are the disadvantages of a keyboard? ›

2. Keyboard
Advantages of keyboardsDisadvantages of keyboards
Most computers come with a keyboard suppliedIt is easy to make mistakes when typing in data
People are used to using keyboards to enter data, they need very little trainingIf you can't touch type, it can be time consuming to enter data
3 more rows

Do professional gamers use keyboard and mouse? ›

Do pro PC gamers use controllers? No, generally pro PC gamers use mouse and keyboard.

Do keyboards improve gaming? ›

Mechanical keyboards are better for gaming because they offer faster response times, better durability, N-key rollover, tons of customization, and are incredibly satisfying to use. There are a ton of other cool features included in mechanical keyboards, so we'll go more in-depth and talk about each one.

How do I make Red Dead Redemption 2 easier? ›

At the top of the control options menu in Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll find the Targeting section. By changing these settings, you essentially switch between auto aiming and free aiming. Auto aiming lets you lock onto targets immediately when you hold L2 to aim, and generally makes the game easier.

Is RDR2 hard on PC? ›

The game is tough on PC hardware. You will require a very solid build in order to play RDR2 on its highest settings. With that said, the game is still playable on mid-tier machines, just with some options turned down.

Is RDR2 graphics better than GTA 5? ›

6 BETTER: Graphics

GTA V is still no slouch either, thanks to its re-release on modern consoles, but the lighting, character models, and animation of RDR2 are miles ahead of GTA V's, making one wonder just how far the developer can push their Rage engine.


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