So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (2023)

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Understand all the main characters and the stories that happen as you traverse the Midlands.

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (1)

It's hard to know what's going onantique ring(opens in a new tab)even if you feel like you're paying attention to what's going on. Like many FromSoftware games, it doesn't bother explaining its story unless you flip through the item descriptions and exhaust the dialogue for each character. The game requires you to be curious if you want to know more, and it will give you almost nothing if you don't.

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As with Dark Souls before it, Elden Ring's best starting point for the story and lore comes from its intro scene. In it, you'll learn about a turning point in Midlands history and the aftermath. From there, you can understand how these characters collide — sometimes literally — with their own character, the humble manchado.

Elden Ring is, at least initially, a game about a disembodied god who gives his ephemeral power to a group of weaklings so one of them can go back to making everything the way it was, except it doesn't look very good. .

There are spoilers for the game's main characters and concepts below, but I've tried to focus most of it on general ideas to complement your journey through the game. I've set aside some strong theories based on endgame information for you to discover for yourself.

What is the Elden Ring?

Survive in the Midlands with these Elden Ring guides

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (2)

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One thing you learn after spending a hundred or so hours delving into history and lore is that the Midlands is an unfortunate place. There are several gods who (for their own reasons) want a piece of the pie, and their influence has extended to the entire cast of characters and enemies you encounter on your journey.

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The Elden Ring is directly connected to a god, specifically an "outer god" as the game calls them. This god called Great Will sent the Elden Ring (or something that would create it) from the cosmos to the Midlands. It seems to be the physical manifestation of the concept of order that rules the world. Everybig rune(opens in a new tab)What constitutes the Elden Ring determines how different parts of existence work, such as whether or not death occurs naturally or whether humans are immortal. Since it was broken, you must collect these Greater Runes from each of the Demigods in the game and eventually put them back into the Elden Ring at the end. The great runes you choose will determine the type of ending you get and what the future of the Midlands will be like.

What is earth tree?

The Earth Tree is also associated with the Great Will and the Elden Ring. It's not clear why it's a tree that doesn't resemble a world tree or life-giving tree in mythology and other fiction. The Earth Tree is a physical symbol of Great Will for all people who firmly believe in its control over the world. The tree is also responsible for taking in the souls of the dead and somehow bringing them back to life, which explains why you, the tainted, can always rise again. When the Elden Ring broke, it damaged the Earth Tree and for much of the game you can see its influence waning through the dead leaves you picked up and the many dying pods scattered across the land.

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (3)

what are two fingers

The Two Fingers are representatives of the Great Will. Do you see a pattern here? The Great Will has many ways of communicating with the people and creatures of the Midlands without setting foot on the planet. The Two Fingers communicate via fingerprints read by finger scanners, essentially guiding humans (and you, the tainted) in the ways of the Greater Will and forming the core of the Golden Order, one of the world's greatest religions.

What is an Elden Lord?

What it means to be the Elden Lord is a bit vague, just as it was vague to be the next monarch in Dark Souls 2. The Elden Lords have been around since the Great Will touched the Midlands, and possibly even before the Elden Ring and Erdtree. You will learn about some of the humans and non-humans from the past who have ruled throughout history.

Presumably the Elden Lord protects the Elden Ring and the Earthtree and is somehow endowed with the powers of the Great Will. Whether this is a good thing or not is deliberately left up to your interpretation. FromSoftware wants you to wonder what the purpose of an Elden Lord is, especially in a world where there is no reason to have one person in power and a clear class division considering how it all happened before They ever appeared on the scene, which is persistent. theme in all your games.

Who are the tainted?

You are the tainted one. And so does everyone else who plays Elden Ring, and it works within the fiction that establishes the game. Much like the chosen undead in Dark Souls, the tainted are a class of humans who are primarily fodder for the powers they throw at their problems (sounds oddly familiar, I know). The Tainted once lived in the Midlands as the intro says and were later expelled for unknown reasons. When the Elden Ring was broken and none of the demigods took the role of Elden Lord, the Great Will grew desperate and brought back the Tainted, many of whom died and were resurrected in the process.

Some of the other human characters you encounter in the game, particularly those in Roundtable Hold, are also corrupted. They also want to become an Elden Lord, or at least you said that is their purpose. Apparently not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (4)

Who is Queen Marika the Eternal?

Not much is known about Queen Marika at the beginning, but you will eventually learn everything about her as you follow Brother Corhyn(opens in a new tab)Search or if you hear thispapa turtle(opens in a new tab)speak carefully. The intro states that she broke the Elden Ring and then disappeared. No one seems to know why he broke the Elden ring, but I'm sure those obsessed with lore will debate it for years to come. All you need to know is that he broke down and then was at peace.

Before that, however, Marika chose Godfrey as the first Elden Lord and had three children with him: Godwyn, Morgott, and Mohg. The names in this game are extremely confusing because they all start withsame letters(opens in a new tab), but these names are important because they're tied to characters that you'll hear a lot about in the game.

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What was the night of the black knives?

On the night of the black knives, the first demigod, Godwyn, died. Up to this point, the demigods lived forever. The Night of the Black Knives was a significant moment in Midland history because it appeared to be the first time anyone had directly opposed the Great Will. You will learn much more about the night of the black knives by followingRanni-Questline(opens in a new tab)to its conclusion, but all you need to know is that it caused all the demigods to fight over the shards of the Elden Ring.

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (5)

what was the breakup

With the new power of the broken shards of the Elden Ring, all the demigods fought each other. The Great Will didn't like that and abandoned them all, so he finally summons the Tainted to snatch the Great Runes from the demigods.

You can see remnants of shattering everywhere. That's why castles are crumbling, Caelid is a red wasteland, and all the important figures are scattered across the map.

Who are the Shardbearers?

Your initial goal in Elden Ring is to search for the Shardbearers, which is just a confusing title for people who have the Great Runes that help restore Elden Ring. Shardbearers include: Godrick the Grafted, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, General Radahn, Praetor Rykard, and Morgott the Grace-Given. You will all find them in the game in one way or another. Some of them are more connected to the core story of the game than others, but each of them has a good main story connected to it. Note that these aren't the only characters that have Greater Runes.

So what the heck is really going on in the Elden Ring story? (6)

How do I continue the story?

My best advice for following the story of Elden Ring is to listen carefully to the dialogues and read the item descriptions whenever you can - each sword, herb, and spell contains information that will enhance your understanding of different aspects of the world can complete. My general routine is to pick up an article and read it while I'm around, as it's common for articles to be placed in meaningful places that give context to the content of the description.

You should also be incredibly skeptical of what NPCs say. Everyone at FromSoftware Games has their own goals, and while they might not be lying to you, they might be telling a very twisted version of the truth. Hang in there and don't let your own ideas and theories get wiped out because some guy in armor says he's fighting for the right cause. Chances are there's a lot more going on than what you see on the surface.

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What is the point in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring gives the player the freedom to dump points into one of several different stats like Vigor, Mind, and Arcane at their own pace to create the killing machine of their dreams, but you need some know-how to do that.

What is the Elden Ring story explained? ›

Elden Ring sees you play as an initially meaningless character in a world of monsters and demigods, all struggling for control over the Lands Between. It's your job to explore the world, grow in strength, and fight or ally with those you meet to bring about a new order by collecting the Great Runes.

Is Elden Ring story confusing? ›

It might be game of the year for the critics, but amongst players, Elden Ring is undoubtedly one of the most confusing games of the year. That's according to Uswitch, who analysed Google data to find out which titles had gamers searching for help the most.

What the heck is Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game played in a third person perspective, with gameplay focusing on combat and exploration. It features elements similar to those found in other games developed by FromSoftware, such as the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Is there a goal in Elden Ring? ›

Your goal here is to kill Godrick the Grafted, the first shardbearer in Elden Ring. There are two routes into the castle: a side path and the main gate. Regardless of which path you choose, both will eventually lead to Godrick.

What is the end goal of Elden Ring? ›

In Elden Ring, the ultimate goal is to gather all of the Great Runes possessed by Queen Marika the Eternal's demigod children, and become the Elden Lord. After they've gathered all the shards of the titular Elden Ring, there are a few ways they can wrap up the story, some better than others.

Who has the saddest backstory in Elden Ring? ›

Screen Rant - Elden Ring's Saddest Character Is One Of Its Most Secret Boss Fights - ข่าวสารบน Steam. bosses players should feel bad for, and most of the game's lore is fraught with tragedy. Placidusax, however, is exceptionally depressing, from his decrepit body to what little is known of his pitiful backstory.

What is the bad ending in Elden Ring? ›

The Lord of Frenzied Flame is considered the bad ending of Elden Ring, as it sees you become a destructive dictator, consuming the world in the flame of chaos. To unlock it, you'll need to follow Hyetta's quest all the way to the Three Fingers and become their champion.

Does Elden Ring have a good or bad ending? ›

There is no true good or bad ending to Elden Ring. Much like the story, it is up to the player to decide how they want to interpret it. For those diving into the lore of Elden Ring, the more complex endings can make an already great game even better.

How long is Elden Ring main story? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Elden Ring is about 55 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 133 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What exactly is a tarnished? ›

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that forms over copper, brass, aluminum, magnesium, neodymium and other similar metals as their outermost layer undergoes a chemical reaction. Tarnish does not always result from the sole effects of oxygen in the air.

Why does Elden Ring not teach you how do you play? ›

Unfortunately, Elden Ring still doesn't go deep enough to teach new players the depth required for success. Some mechanics seem smaller, like the forward dodge having more I-frames, but this difference in invincibility can be the difference between surviving a fight or dying quickly.

What is the scariest thing in Elden Ring? ›

Wormfaces are among the most frightening monsters in Elden Ring, but they might be even scarier than players first thought. These humanoid creatures draw the Tarnished toward them with their child-like cries, only to attack players by vomiting Death Blight at them.

Is Elden Ring soul? ›

Elden Ring is a More Advanced Form of Soulslike

The game takes after the enemy speed and complexity present in Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, so one would assume it is more difficult than the oldest Souls titles.

What kind of horror is Elden Ring? ›

This is a PlayStation 4 exclusive action RPG that takes the fundamental gameplay philosophies of the Souls games but adds a Lovecraftian horror twist.

What myth is Elden Ring based on? ›

Most significantly, many have noticed that the demigods at the heart of Elden Ring's pantheon echo the major Irish mythological figures the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Tuatha Dé Danann are a family of godly or demigod-like beings, deriving their divine status from their matriarch, Danu.

Who is the final boss in Elden Ring? ›

It's the Elden Beast, the final boss of the game which is often supposed to be the most significant boss of all in any game title.

Who is the strongest Elden Ring demigod? ›

General Radahn is generally considered by most Elden Ring characters as the strongest demigod, except it seems even the strongest don't always win.

Is Ranni good or evil? ›

Julianna Swickard of CBR also debated whether Ranni was good or evil, arriving at the conclusion that while she was morally grey as a character, her ending was the "best possible outcome" of all the game's endings.

What is the easiest ending in Elden Ring? ›

The default Elden Ring ending and by far the simplest is the Age of Fracture. You can get this ending by simply following our Elden Ring walkthrough, which will guide you through every critical region and boss. Once you've defeated the Elden Beast, walk over to the fractured body of Marika.

Who is god in Elden Ring? ›

The Fell God is a deity of fire in Elden Ring, mainly associated with one of its most powerful bosses: the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant that players encounter as a boss in Elden Ring is the last of his kind, an ancient race that lived in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Who is the hero in Elden Ring? ›

The Tarnished is the player character and protagonist of Elden Ring.

What is the most annoying enemy in Elden Ring? ›

Revenants are the bane of many Elden Ring players' existence. These multi-limbed creatures are some of the most aggressive enemies in the game and move way faster than they have any right to.

Which Elden Ring ending is true? ›

Age of the Stars is the final ending of Elden Ring. You defeat the final boss and summon Ranni, you then become her servant and embark on a journey that will last a thousand years.

How do you save Melina? ›

At the end of the day, to save Melina, you have to take her place as the sacrificial offering to the Erdtree by making her leave you before the conclusion of her arc.

What ending does Melina want? ›

The Age of Fracture ending is the one that Melina wanted throughout the game. She's sacrificed herself as kindling to burn down the Erdtree, and fulfilled her goal of seating the protagonist on the Elden Throne.

How many endings are in Elden Ring? ›

There's a total of 6 Elden Ring endings that players can obtain, each of which have their own names by which they can be identified, by which we'll be using to separate them below. We've listed them here, as well as the entity or character you'll be allying with for each one.

Is Melina and Ranni the same person? ›

They aren't the same person, but definitely do have a connection. They are both Empyreans born from Marika.

How many Elden Ring bosses are there? ›

Want to learn about all the different Elden Ring bosses and their locations? By our count, there is a staggering 238 boss encounters in FromSoftware's open-world masterpiece.

What level do most people beat Elden Ring? ›

The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5. Just like the areas, you can take on the bosses in any order you feel like as well.

What is the max level in Elden Ring? ›

What Is The Max Level in Elden Ring? How Many Runes Are Needed To Reach it? To level up in Elden Ring, you must spend runes to purchase stat points. Each of the eight stats caps at 99, so the absolute maximum level in Elden Ring is 713.

Who was the first Elden Lord? ›

Godfrey, First Elden Lord, is the first major boss located within Leyndell, Royal Capital, and the final barrier to facing the final boss of the dungeon. Godfrey is located past the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, in the tower at the top of the giant branches that are growing out of the ramparts.

What does it mean to be maidenless in Elden Ring? ›

October 14, 2022. Here's the full line: “You are maidenless. A bit player, fully divorced from the strength of runes.” What the NPC Varré actually means, though it's not immediately clear to the player, is that you need a “Maiden” guide who will allow you to turn the runes you pick up into stat gains.

Is the Tarnished related to Godfrey? ›

The first Elden Lord and husband to Queen Marika, Godfrey, was also the first Tarnished. Godfrey fought in Queen Marika's wars against the Giants and the Storm Lord. After he had defeated these enemies, he had fulfilled his purpose for Marika. He was then banished from the Lands Between and became the first Tarnished.

Is Elden Ring fun or frustrating? ›

Elden Ring, however, will never achieve that status—the gameplay is just too grueling to appeal to every player. FromSoftware, the developer behind Elden Ring, is responsible for notoriously difficult games, namely the Dark Souls franchise.

Is Elden Ring too hard for a casual gamer? ›

Yes, to put it bluntly, these titles are brutal, ruthless, and don't care about your feelings. As a casual gamer, Elden Ring was intimidating, but now that I have ripped the Band-Aid off, I don't know how I have gone so long before without giving them a try.

How do I make my Elden Ring more fun? ›

Eight Ways To Make Elden Ring Feel New Again While You Wait For...
  1. Get into the community. List slides.
  2. Get into the community. ...
  3. Meet cute girls. ...
  4. Meet cute girls. ...
  5. Build, then rebuild. ...
  6. Build, then rebuild. ...
  7. Go on a dragon retreat. ...
  8. Go on a dragon retreat.
Jul 13, 2022

What is the most powerful summon in Elden Ring? ›

If there's one bit of consensus among Elden Ring's fans, it's that the Mimic Tear is the most powerful summon in the game. Put simply, the Mimic Tear creates an exact copy of your character - your equipment, moveset, and even your spells and abilities are duplicated.

What is the easiest enemy in Elden Ring? ›

1 Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy

Depending on who you ask, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, is either one of the easiest encounters in Elden Ring or is an impossible and unfair nightmare to deal with.

What's the hardest Souls game? ›

Dark Souls 2 has the hardest level design and challenges out of its trilogy. Combined with a standard fare of bosses and so on, this game's difficulty comes out of iteration if not experimentation (while Elden Ring finds itself in the latter category).

What is the easiest Souls game? ›

In that light, “Elden Ring,” the latest title by From Software, may be the easiest entry point for beginners looking to try a Souls game. It probably has the most on-ramps to continuous, rewarding play of any From Software game since 2009′s “Demon's Souls.”

Which is harder Dark Souls 3 or Elden Ring? ›

Is DS3 harder than ER? I'm playing both games as a heavily armored melee character. FWIW, I just finished the Cathedral of the Deep and Farron Keep areas in DS3. Coming in as a noob to FromSoft games, my answer (and I'm not saying this as either a good thing or a bad thing) is that DS3 is definitely harder.

What religion is in Elden Ring? ›

Before we delve into Goldmask, we must first understand the religion he adheres to. Goldmask subscribes to a religion known as the Golden Order Fundamentalism. This religion is almost as old as The Lands Between themselves, as Elden Lord Radagon founded it.

Is Elden Ring a girl? ›

In short, yes, you can change your class' gender in Elden Ring. Players will be able to create their in-game hero before selecting a class, meaning that all classes can be either male or female. Upon entering the creation screen, you will be given the option of two different body types; A and B.

Is Elden Ring a monster? ›

Elden Ring is packed full of fantastical creatures, horrible monsters, and fierce warriors of great renown. Throughout the Lands Between, you'll do battle with nearly every person or creature you come across, but some are easier to take down than others.

Why do people think Elden Ring is easy? ›

What makes Elden Ring so easy, ultimately, has nothing to do with difficulty settings, or grinding, or i-frames, or whatever else. Elden Ring is easy because it's a video game. And in video games, you are always improving. You are always moving forward, gaining power, vanquishing foes who once seemed untouchable.

Why is Elden Ring so hard compared to Dark Souls? ›

Elden Ring is a More Advanced Form of Soulslike

The difficulty discussion pertaining to Elden Ring is as complex as the game's many mechanics. The game takes after the enemy speed and complexity present in Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, so one would assume it is more difficult than the oldest Souls titles.

Is Elden Ring too hard or too easy? ›

Compared to games like that, Elden Ring just isn't very mechanically difficult. Most enemies telegraph their attacks with massive, seconds-long animations that give players plenty of time to react with a well-timed dodge, block, or parry.

What is the easiest class to play Elden Ring? ›

Vagabond: The Vagabond is arguably the best Elden Ring classes for beginners. Melee builds are generally easy to pick up without having to familiarize yourself with loads of in-game systems, making them great for players unaccustomed to FromSoftware gameplay.

What's the hardest game in the world? ›

Hardest Video Games 2022: These are the 10 most difficult games of the last 12 months according to new research - from Elden Ring to Deathloop
  1. Elden Ring. ...
  2. Cuphead in The Delicious Last Course. ...
  3. NieR:Automata - The End of The YoRHa Edition. ...
  4. Gran Turismo 7.
Oct 19, 2022


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