TV Roundup: "Big Sky: Deadly Trails" Season 3 Episode 3 - "A Brief History of Crime" - (2023)

welcome back toBig Sky: Deadly Tracks. In the third episode of Season 3, titled "A Brief History of Crime," we are introduced to a main character from Jenny's past, played by recurring guest Rosanna Arquette. After last week's episode left us on a cliffhanger, we pick up right where we left off when Beau's daughter Emily stumbles across an angry looking Luke cleaning his bloody wounds on a river bank.

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Emily Arlen (Cree Cicchino) was caught photographing Luke (Anirudh Bisharody) washing his bloodied knee and face in the river. He looks angry and she pulls out the knife and warns him to stay away from her. Luke doesn't listen, he runs towards her along the bank. Emily runs away and drives at a good speed until she trips and falls. Your knife flies. We see him fall near the tree on which his bleeding heart is carved. A man's hands grab her and she screams, but it's not Luke. It's Cormac Barnes (Luke Mitchell) who protects Emily when Luke catches up with her. He tells Cormac that while looking for his girlfriend Paige, he fell and cut his head. He says he doesn't know where he is. Cormac escorts her back to camp, sending Luke out first and promising Emily he'll be right behind her. What she doesn't see is that he finds his knife, takes it and puts it in his pocket.

In Sunny Day Excursions, Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) tries to calm Avery (Henry Ian Cusick) down because she can't find her stepdaughter Emily. Amid the panic, Emily rejoins Cormac and Luke. Sunny asks about Paige and Luke says they had a fight and she told him she never wants to see him again. She shot into a light and he thinks she fell and banged her head open on that spot because that's where her memory gets blurred. Sunny's husband Buck (Rex Linn) suggests they check out Paige's tent and as Sunny looks around, Luke tells the group that he feels Emily saved his life because he was hurt and lost. Sunny returns and announces that Paige's bags are gone, believing that she returned to camp, packed up, and left without anyone seeing her. Some of the campers express concern, but she assures them it's only a few miles back to town, on the same marked trails they take every day. "If she wanted to go, I mean, nobody's a prisoner here," he reminds her. Buck tells the campers that he will call the ranger station and ask them to keep an eye on Paige. Sunny suggests they all go to bed and when she and Cormac are alone he tells his mother that he is going back to the trails to find Paige. As he leaves, Sunny's sweet smile disappears. She returns to her shop with Buck, who tells her that he thinks Luke lied and believes he did something to Paige. Sunny tells her they will make sure she is safe and asks her husband to massage her tired feet.

Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) arrive at the Mooney brothers' home and respond to a neighbor's call about a dead body. Beau wants to knock on the door and ask permission to look around, but Jenny tells him he will be shot if he does. Climbing over the fence, they soon find the body of a man face down near a blue truck in front of the house. "A corpse," Beau confirms, "Happy Monday, Hoyt." Examination of the body revealed that he had received a blow to the back of the head and that his body was dragged to where it is. The investigation is interrupted by the sound of a gun and the two hide behind the blue truck. Ivan Mooney (James Landry Hebert) stands on the porch, points a gun at her, and declares that he has the right to shoot intruders, even as Jenny reveals they're from the sheriff's department. Calling Ivan's cheating, Beau stands and holds the gun by his side, slowly placing it on his belt and saying that he just wants to talk. Jenny follows Beau's lead when Ivan tells them the dead man is his brother. "I was just trying to save the ranch," Ivan begins to cry, slowly lowering his gun.

When they question Iván, Jenny and Beau discover that Iván and his brother have been scammed by two people from a company called "Starlight Mining" who claimed to have an unrefined gold mine and an investment that would guarantee them 10% ownership. "A husband and wife team? Blond?” Jenny asks worried. "No, it was just a boy and his assistant," says Iván. Jenny walks away and tells Beau she has something he needs to look into.

Emily is in her shop looking at the photos she took of Luke in the river with her phone. Avery arrives and tells him that she doesn't believe Luke's story and is confused about how Paige could have gotten back to camp on her own when he got lost. He adds that he didn't seem saved, he seemed scared. Remembering finding Avery in Paige's tent, she asks her stepfather again what he was doing there. He reiterates that he entered by accident. "If you're hiding something, I'll find out," Paige warns as she gets up to leave. Avery asks where she's going and says she wants to get her knife, adding that it's so important to her that she sleeps with it under her pillow. "My father gave it to me." Avery says she promised her mother that she would take care of her and offers to accompany her on her quest. "Fine, but I can take care of myself," Emily says as she leaves. Avery realizes she left her journal on the bed.

Beau finds Jenny in the hallway of the sheriff's department and tells her that he released Ivan when, according to the coroner's report, he received evidence that he was not home at the time of his brother's death. Jenny shows him a police file on a man named Harold Gardiner who was arrested three months ago for assaulting a man who claimed Harold set him up through a company called "Starbright." Beau laughs. "Starlight, Starbright, this guy has a thing for lullabies," he says. Jenny gives him another file on a blonde who was arrested with Harold. Beau asks if he meant her when he asked Ivan for details about the scammers. "She's my mother," says Jenny.

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Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer), still searching for missing backpacker Mark Woodman, receives a tip that her car has been found and visits the crime scene with Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury). The car is locked, but Cassie uses a tool to open it. Inside you will find Mark's detailed itinerary. With this information, they can retrace their steps. Back at Dewell & Hoyt, Denise spoke to a person at a trading post where Mark had a supply package waiting that he never picked up. She also spoke to Mark's family, who received a suspicious email from him a few hours ago, saying he was in Logan's passport and didn't have sufficient signal to call or text. His email included a photo of him at that location.

Jenny and Beau stop at a motel while Jenny talks about not seeing her mother in years. Last I heard your mother ran a gold mining project in Idaho. She tells Beau that she doesn't think her mother is capable of murder, but that the Mooney situation has her style. Beau asks Jenny how she knew her mother would be at the motel. "He has a deal with the manager," he says as they approach the door. Jenny warns Beau not to be fooled by his mother's charm. Jenny purposefully knocks on the door and we hear her open it. Opening the door, we first see Jenny's mother, Virginia "Gigi" Cessna (Rosanna Arquette). "As far as I can tell, I still wear men's shirts, but they look as good as they used to," she praises her daughter. Gigi hugs Jenny, who doesn't hug her back.

He hugs Jenny, but Jenny doesn't hug him back. "I told you to keep your cheating out of Montana, I know you set the Mooney brothers up," Jenny accuses her mother. Gigi says she has nothing to do with the Mooney brothers as she curls her hair. "You lie, that's what you do with your hair. Why are you in town mom? Gigi comes to terms and admits that Harold stole everything from her after she taught him the art of grasping. Beau asks if Gigi knows where to find Harold. "It sounds to me like we have common interests," she replies, clearly drawn to the sheriff. Gigi explains that Harold will be looking for his next target and they need his help. You will have to play their game. Beau is happy that Jenny is going undercover.

Walter (Seth Gabil) sits on a bench in his cabin, carving wooden dolls and looking at a photo of Miley Cyrus for inspiration. A knock on the door prompts her to hide the photo while she answers to let her mother Sunny in. She asks about Paige while looking at the dolls. When Walter asks her not to touch her, she slaps him on the cheek. He is surprised and says he didn't see her. "If they stop by, it's not good for either of them," Sunny warns. "You understand that?" She asks him to move the backpacker's body to avoid being found. "I didn't do anything," Walter swears. Sunny tells him that it doesn't matter that he has to listen to her so that she can protect him. She hugs him and sings "Do You Love An Apple". Later we see Walter Mark Woodman digging up. "Hello again friend," he says. "I brought you a present". In the pocket of his flannel shirt he puts a wooden dummy that he made based on the backpacker model. "It's time to go home." We see Walter loading Mark's body into the back of his truck's cab.

Beau stops at Dewell & Hoyt to return another bowl of casseroles to Denise, who is still cooking dinner for him. He catches Cassie in the middle of packing for the trip to retrace Mark Woodman's steps and tells her that Jenny's mother is in town. She asks if Jenny is okay. "That's not the word I would use," he replies. He reminds Cassie that her daughter is camping near the trails and asks her to contact him immediately if she senses any danger nearby. She does so, but also advises him to give Emily some space.

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Breakfast is served at Sunny Day Excursions, where Emily surprises Sunny by buttering her coffee. "It's my little secret to long-lasting energy, damn it waist," he jokes. Emily asks if she can use Sunny's phone to try and check on Paige. She reminds him that the rangers are looking for her, adding that Paige will get a full travel refund for her troubles. Emily says it's weird how Paige just left. "People come here for all sorts of reasons," Sunny explains, suggesting adding this to her podcast.

That night, Jenny opens the door to find Gigi outside. "Have you been waiting for that fluffy sheriff?" Gigi jokes and holds up two grocery bags, one filled with ingredients for a pineapple cake and the other filled with wine. "Jenny Bear, give me a chance," he begs. Some time later we see them on the couch eating the cake that Gigi made and drinking wine. Gigi tells how as a child she always tried to make this cake seem special for Jenny, but the truth is that it was all she could afford. "Why did you come back?" Jenny asks. Gigi repeats her story about stalking Harold after he stole her. "Money," says Jenny. "That's it. That's the only reason you came back here. Gigi asks if there has been any progress in finding Harold. I found an ad for Starnight Mining in the Boot Heel Bar," she says, adding that she and Beau are meeting Harold undercover tomorrow. "Be careful Jenny," Gigi says. Jenny asks what's in it for her, and she says she just wants revenge. "And I'm helping my daughter," she adds, mentioning how cute she is. It's the Sheriff Beau is that. "He's not that cute," Jenny ignores.

The next day at the Sheriff's Department, Madge Crowder (Melissa Chambers) asks Jenny to sign the $30,000 she borrowed to lure Harold and puts it in a red bag. Beau asks Jenny what her backstory will be. She says they are a newly married couple looking for an investment opportunity. Gigi reminds Jenny to smile.

Jenny is wearing a brown wig and Beau has changed into a fancier cowboy hat for the secret date. Keith (Jermaine Washington), the security guard, confiscates their guns before bringing them into the office. Harold Gardiner (Jay Huguley) greets them and tells them the same story he told the Mooney brothers and offers them a 10% interest in a cache of unrefined gold, with their investment helping to put it up for sale to refine. They talk about how excited they are, and Jenny asks if other interested parties have caused them trouble. Harold seems a bit suspicious as he describes all investors as "happy campers". He asks how they found it, and at the same time both give a different answer. They then try to combine the two concepts of a friend via Facebook and a personal party. We see Harold gesturing to Keith.

As Denise and Cassie drive off to begin the hike, they pass a truck with the engine running. Cassie stops and gets out, approaching a man who is inspecting her engine. It is Walter who refuses Cassie's repeated offers of help. She notices mud on his pants and boots and asks if he ran. She looks suspicious when she sees a tarp in her back seat. Behind his back, we see Walt pull out a knife. Denise unknowingly saves Cassie, revealing herself and suggesting they move on. "Have a nice day," says Walter with a stern face.

Emily watches over Luke while some of the campers saddle up their horses for a ride. He realizes he's flirting with Mary (Sofia Embid). Another camper, Doug (Dylan Kenin), noticed Emily seeing what she just saw and mentioned how suspicious Luke's behavior is. Avery enters and asks what they are talking about. "Just having conversations, that's all," says Doug, looking like he doesn't trust Emily's stepdad. Avery tells Doug to focus on the horses and Emily gets mad at him. He apologizes and says if she cares, he cares too. He offers to help her find her missing knife and find Paige.

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Any concerns Harold might have felt were gone. After counting the money and getting Jenny and Beau to sign their contracts, he congratulates them. "There's just one more thing," says Beau. "What is that?" Harold smiles. "You're under arrest," Jenny says as she and Beau stand up. Beau approaches Keith, picks up a gun and holds it behind his back. Jenny grabs Harold, but the arrest is interrupted by a gunshot. Ivan entered the building with the intention of killing Harold in revenge. Harold slips out of his grasp at that moment and starts running. Jenny follows Harold while Beau searches for Ivan.

"I can't go back to jail," Harold yells at Jenny as he runs to the top of the building. She asks him not to jump, but he does anyway. However, the building is on one level. The fall appears to injure his ankle, but Harold survives. Meanwhile, Beau reminds Ivan that his brother doesn't want that. Ivan gives up and Beau takes him to Jenny, who has Harold in handcuffs. He recognizes Jenny as Gigi's daughter. "Gigi always wins, right?" she laughs. Jenny is left with a look or realization on her face and runs back to the building. The red bag full of money that was on Harold's desk is missing. Beau comes in behind her. "My mother, she played with us."

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Cassie and Denise arrive at the location of Mark's selfie that was emailed to his parents. They correspond exactly to the place where you would have taken the photo. Then they realize something. The mountain peaks in the photo have snow. The mountains in front of them don't. This is not a recent photo.

Luke and Mary went into their tent and started kissing. It gets hot when they climb into their beds. The camera moves to the canvas side of the tent. We see one eye, presumably Emily's, but it's hard to say for sure. Could it be Paige hiding and spying on him?

Somewhere in the forest, Sunny is digging a deep hole. She opens a cheetah-print bag, like the one Avery stuffed in Paige's tent in the previous episode. She rummages around, pulls out a gun and decides to keep it. She puts the bag on the bottom of the hole. The luggage tag has a "P" sheet. Dirt starts to cover the bag.

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A car pulls up, the door opens and the missing red bag appears. It's Gigi walking toward a door on the side of a building that says "Private Entrance." She knocks and the door opens. "Hi, thanks for stopping by," smiles Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Donno (Ryan O'Nan) closes the door behind him.

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Jenny and Beau search Gigi's motel room, she is missing. "I can't believe I let that happen," exclaims Jenny, blaming herself. "Don't worry, we'll find her," Beau comforts her. "She's gone, she hasn't changed," says Jenny. Later we see Jenny opening the fridge to buy a beer and see the remains of the cake Gigi made for her.

Walter is chopping wood in front of his cabin when Sunny arrives. "I guess it's fixed?" he asks sweetly. "More or less," he replies. He tells her his truck broke down and a woman stopped to offer help. She didn't introduce herself, but she heard her friend call her Cassie. sunny sighs. "You're a disappointment," he shakes his head. "You have to do better." Walter starts to cry.

Big Sky: Deadly TracksHe will return with "Carrion Comfort" next Wednesday, October 12th.a BCHe hasn't posted a description of the episode yet, but in the preview at the end of the episode we saw a clip of Sunny asking Walter whose blood was on him. See you next week, good stretches.

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