TV Summary: "Big Sky: Deadly Trails" Season 3 Episode 11 - "Super Foxes" - (2023)

welcome back toBig Sky: Deadly Tracks. It's been a few weeks, but you definitely remember where things left off. Jenny Hoyt had just gotten home to find that her mother had broken into the house and was in trouble. Cassie went to the Barnes house and Buck invited her over, unaware that he had tied up Paige in the attic. And Sunny, who thought Paige was in her camp, finds herself in a bind with Tonya and Donno. Without further ado, here is a recap of Season 3 Episode 11 entitled “Super Foxes”.

Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) can't believe her eyes. His mother, Virginia "Gigi" Cessna (Rosanna Arquette), stands in the living room with an ice pack on her bloody face and begs for help. Jenny is cold to her criminal mother and asks her where is the $30,000 she stole. "It's over," admits Gigi. "I hired some locals to wash it so I could fix a problem, but I screwed up." Gigi begs Jenny to help her, saying a local family has gone mad and is after her is. In a startled movement, Jenny squeezes her mother's hands and tells her that she belongs in jail. Headlights shine in the windows and Gigi starts freaking out and begs Jenny to get her gun. There's a knock on the door and Jenny shakes her head at her mother, saying bad guys don't knock when she's near the door. But he is shocked when his door is forced open. He hits her on the head, she bleeds as the room becomes dizzy. She sees a blur of two men with guns run over her, grab her mother and leave before she passes out.

Sitting on the bed in one of Sunny Day Excursions' tents, Sunny Barnes (Reba McEntire) is being held at gunpoint by Tonya (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Donno (Ryan O'Nan) returns empty-handed after searching the mansion for Paige, who is said to be there. Tonya can only guess that Sunny or Paige are playing with them. Or worst case, someone reached Paige before coming back. "Who else has access to this camp?" Tonya asks Sunny, wide-eyed.

Buck Barnes (Rex Linn) places a cup of coffee in front of Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) at her kitchen table, offers her a piece of cake and holds a knife larger than necessary to cut a cake. Cassie declines the offer, telling Buck that she went there to speak to his wife, Sunny. Buck tries to hustle Cassie, saying she's busy. She mentions that the police have Walter in custody. "Where did you get this beetle from?" asks Buck, feigning astonishment. "Buck, stop the show," says Cassie. "Sunny is Walter's biological mother, and you lied about the truck, so I'm very concerned about a lot of things right now." Cassie tells Buck that she assumes he and Sunny helped Walter escape capture. "There was cancer in our family and I couldn't get her to see the danger, so what should I do Cassie?" asks Buck. Cassie's reply has to wait because she has an urgent call from Jenny and has to leave. As Buck is at the door checking Cassie out, he hears a knock in the attic. He slowly walks up the stairs and discovers that Paige (Madalyn Horcher) was able to swing her bound body onto a table and knock over a lamp, smashing it hoping Cassie would hear him. Your plan has failed.

The truth can hurt, but it can also save. 💙# big sky @Jensen Ackles

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Sheriff Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) sits in front of his Airstream trailer with a shotgun and protects his ex-wife and daughter while they sleep. However, Emily (Cree Cicchino) is awake and leaves to keep her father company. She talks about her stepfather Avery and tells her father that he's not a bad person. "He put you and your mother in danger," Beau reminds her, but Emily thinks his motives are justified, fearing that if he loses all his money, his mother will leave him. She wants to talk to her father about what happened in Houston before he moved in with Helena. "You know what happened," she says, but Emily says she never spoke to her about it. When he says there isn't much to talk about, she gets up to go inside. "Mom never needed you to be perfect," she says, pausing in the doorway. "She just wanted you to let her in more." Emily walks in, leaving Beau alone with his thoughts.

Cassie comes to Jenny's house while the paramedics examine her. Deputy Moe Poppernak (J. Anthony Pena) is there and found Gigi's bag. Cassie wants to get up to find her mother, but he insists that she rest when she gets up and loses her balance. The next day, Beau, Cassie, and Poppernak are surprised when Jenny arrives while investigating what they found. They found a key to a motel room in Gigi's bag, rented under the Gilbert Leeds name. The room looks like a fight has started inside. A traffic camera captured an image of a red van with long horns on the hood that was speeding at the time of Gigi's kidnapping but had no license plate. Beau has to go when he gets a call that a patrolman saw Avery. Jenny tells Cassie that she thinks she knows where to start looking for her mother.

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That morning, Buck returns to the penthouse and tells Paige that he never meant to hurt her. He opens a display case and pulls out a bottle of brandy, takes a glass from the shelf and pours some. "Today is your lucky day and I'll tell you why," he explains. "This is the first drink I've had in 20 years and I don't feel like drinking alone." Paige squirms as Buck removes the tape from her mouth and says no one will hear her if she screams. Not interested in drinking with her captor, Paige begs to be released. Instead, he talks about how Sunny kept him sober and how angry she would be if she saw him now. Paige promises to disappear if she is released, saying she will leave Walter in prison. "You're a smart girl, and you know what happens to smart girls?" asks Buck while finishing his drink. "You'll find sharp edges." Paige screams as Buck jumps up, grabs her head and bangs against a dresser. Paige loses consciousness.

Avery (Henry Ian Cusick) returns to the hotel with a bag of fast food. "Smells good," says Winston (Alex Fernandez), emerging from hiding and pointing a gun at Avery, whose own gun is out of reach on the table. “Message from my boss; He's not renegotiating." Avery is escorted out of his hotel room at gunpoint. "Avery, who's your boyfriend?" Beau calls from down the hall. Winston turns, points his gun at Beau, and says it's none of his business "Well, actually, that's it," says Beau, opening his jacket to reveal his badge. "I've never shot a sheriff," Winston smiles, but Beau says he can stay with Avery. Winston is surprised, as Beau turns and walks away. He is further surprised when Beau quickly turns and shoots him in the chest. While Winston is on the ground, Beau approaches Avery, orders him to put his hands on his head and pats him off to make sure he doesn't have a gun."Don't give me a reason to make my life easier," he warns Avery when he's arrested.

At the Blue Fox Diner, Tonya and Donno are frustrated that they can't find Avery. Donno even checked all the hotels and found that he has to use a pseudonym. To lighten the air, he asks Tonya what she would do with the $15 million. He talks about buying Helena and expanding his real estate business, possibly even franchiseing the restaurant. When she asks Donno, he names his favorite movie,the fox and the dog, as inspiration to start a fox farm where he would raise super foxes for the popular sport of fox hunting. Her dreams are shattered when Jenny and Cassie burst in. Believing that Tonya helped her mother launder money, Jenny asks her to help her find her mother and gives her the address of the person she connected her to. "It's not who, it's where," says Tonya, giving Jenny the address of a vacant lot with a mailbox.

Sunny returns home to find Buck loading his truck. He won't tell her where he's going and she won't tell him why she stayed out all night, but before he can leave, she tells him she found Paige. He asks where and she says she found her at camp, told her to stay there and when she came back Paige was gone. She asks Buck to help her find Paige. "I'm not going to do that," he says, remembering telling him earlier to leave Paige alone and not ask her again. He tells her that Cassie stopped by and that she knows Sunny is Walter's mother. "I'll do what's right for my son," Sunny promises. And then he smells Buck's breath and immediately knows he's been drinking, which he denies. He tells Sunny he has to go to the hardware store and that they can talk about it when he gets back. "What about now?" she asks confused why the hardware store is so urgent. "I have something to take care of," Buck says as he gets in his car and drives away. Buck sees Sunny standing in the garage through his mirrors. She cries. Buck adjusts the rearview mirror and checks the back of his truck, where Paige's unconscious body is, wrapped in a blue tarp. When Sunny walks in, she goes to the attic and notices a wet ring under the glass of a wooden dresser. She sniffs and scoffs at the strong smell of alcohol.

Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer) researched the address Tonya gave Jenny and sent Jenny and Cassie to the owner's house. Denise explains that the woman is in her sixties and lives on a large property with her four children and many grandchildren. As Jenny and Cassie approach the door, they are surprised and watched by a girl (Eden Harper). Anne Whitlow (Jayne Taini) opens the door with a sugary veneer and asks the girls to call her "Ma" like everyone else. When Cassie asks if anyone else is home, she pulls out a shotgun and says it's just her. They ask about the girl who has since run away. "It must have been Fanny, she lost her mother when she was young," says Anne "Ma" Whitlow. Jenny asks Anne if she knows a woman named Gigi and she seems confused. "She stole some money that ended up in a safe deposit box on your property," Jenny explains. Anne's confusion increases and she says she doesn't know anything. As Jenny and Cassie go to the van, they both agree that they don't trust Anne. They decide to break up and look around the property.

Beau goes into the interrogation room where Avery is handcuffed to the table. He asks who tried to kidnap him, but Avery says nothing. "Are you going to accuse me of something?" he asks. Beau tells Avery that he found the stolen journal entries and that he knows he was after the money. Avery asks if the money was stolen, and Beau admits it wasn't, but then asks what Avery was up to after receiving it. "These people don't forgive or forget, and those who steal from them rarely die alone, which means you're putting Carla and my daughter in danger," Beau says, his blood boiling. “Everything I did was for protectionmiFamily,” Avery replies, adding, “That's all you need to know.” Avery tells Beau that killing Winston has put Carla and Emily in more danger than anything he's ever done. He asks for his attorney and Beau leaves. He stands up angrily at the table and kicked his chair across the room before storming out.

Jenny finds the red truck with long horns parked in front of a barn, the sound of a man's voice lures her into a barn. "My brother died because of you two," says a man named Calvin (Robbie Tann). Jenny peeks into the barn and sees Calvin and his brother Stephen (Jeff Allen) with guns around Gigi and Gilbert Leeds (Jonathan Von Mering) who yells, "We didn't kill your brother!" Calvin turns to a group of children who are watching, sitting on bales of hay, and tells them it's up to them. “Does this man deserve our mercy or our wrath?” he asks. All children reject it. A bullet hits Gilbert, who loses his strength as Gigi cries. Her body is dragged around the corner by Stephen and dumped in a pigsty where a bunch of pigs are running amok. While Calvin is seemingly helpless, Cassie goes into the barn, gun drawn, catching his attention. He seems carefree and Jenny soon finds out why. A third brother, Troy (Konstantin Melikhov), stands behind her with a gun to his head. Jenny gives up and puts the gun on the floor. Jenny explains that she is Gigi's daughter. "Your mother cheated on my poor Robbie and his Fanny," says the voice of Anne 'Ma' Whitlow, standing in the shadows behind the children. "He put a shotgun under his chin and left this world because of what his mother and this man did. And then they tried to pay for his life with money. what do we do now kids A grandson named Joshua (River Scott) approaches "Ma" and whispers something in her ear. "Why, how about this? Joshua asks for a game. She explains that if Gigi loses, she will die. Jenny asks to play in her mother's place, but "Ma" has a better idea: they will play against each other. Jenny and Gigi hug and cry as 'Ma' tells Troy that there is another woman on the property and asks him to take Fanny to find her.

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In a ridiculously clean bunker, Buck listens to Daniel Romano's "The Collector" while taping off an empty glass jar and writing Paige's name on it. Above the counter is a shelf full of jars, all with preserved hearts, each jar with the name of the girl from whom it was stolen. Turning around, he is alarmed to find that the blue tarp that housed Paige's body is now empty. She appears at his feet, stabs him in the thigh, and runs to a ladder leading to an escape hatch. "Almost got me, sweetheart," Buck says, limping to the ladder and up it while Paige struggles with the closed hatch. Buck pulls her to the ground and Paige steps forward, finds a hammer and uses it to hit Buck on the head. He falls, his head is bleeding, his body is lifeless. Paige goes back up the ladder and uses the hammer to pick the lock on the hatch and crawls out of the bunker.

Robbie's favorite game was Cornhole, so "Ma" makes up the rules that Jenny and Gigi play a round, alternating each round of four pitches. If a beanbag lands on the board, they get 1 point. If it goes through the hole, they get 3 points. Whoever has the most points wins and escapes alive. The other dies. Jenny looks nervously at her mother as Gigi throws her first pitch and hits the board. 1 point. The kids celebrate. Jenny watches 'Ma' blindly throw her first bag which lands on the floor. Jenny is warned that if Gigi plays, she will be thrown to the pigs alive. Gigi asks Jenny to try, saying only one of them can go. He throws his second pocket, which lands on the board like the first. That's two points for Gigi, plus applause from the kids. Jenny's eyes fill with tears. "No matter what, Jenny, forgive me," Gigi pleads. "Would you like me to try it on?" Jenny asks, "okay, I'll try it on." She makes her pitch and dives cleanly into the hole. The kids cheer even more when Jenny scores 3 points. Gigi makes her next move and misses the board. Jenny yells that Gigi is trying to lose on purpose, but 'Ma' doesn't seem to care. “Two can play this game,” Jenny whispers to her mother. She takes her shot, goes over the backboard and misses. 'Ma' gives Jenny her final warning, instructing Calvin and Stephen to point their guns at the back of her head. "Someone is about to lose," explains 'Ma'.

(ABC/Anna Kooris)

Troy and Fanny search an empty barn together. "Did that lady kill my father?" he asks his uncle. She seems to understand that her father committed suicide and was not murdered. Distracted, Cassie sneaks up behind Troy and knocks him out. He asks Fanny where her friend is. "She's in trouble," says Fanny, offering to give Cassie a lift.

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"Don't be too hard on me, Jenny," Gigi yells as she prepares for her last hit. "I've done a lot of bad things in my life, but I never stopped loving you." She's acting. Her bag lands on the floor. A gun creaks. And then "Ma" orders her kids to stop and let Gigi and Jenny go. They look at her confused and see Fanny next to "Ma". "Fanny chose Mercy and Robbie was her father," she says. What they don't see is Cassie hiding behind "Ma" in a star well, pointing a gun at her, and feeding her these lines. Jenny and Gigi are released and head upstairs to leave. Jenny sees Cassie, who tells her to shut up and walk away. Once Jenny and Gigi leave the barn, Cassie turns on the radio and gives her police permission to come inside. Poppernak women 'Ma'. Outside, Jenny and Cassie hug.

(ABC/Anna Kooris)

Carla (Angelique Cabral) and Beau spend a moment outside the trailer and she thanks him for helping to protect her and Emily. He tells her he has a bad feeling like he did in Houston before his partner Randy was killed. "I feel the same way, like something is coming and I'm powerless to stop it," she reveals. It's clear that Beau blames himself for Randy's death and now finds it hard not to be there for his wife and daughter afterwards. "You're here for us now," says Carla. "That doesn't make up for the way I checked," Beau tilts his head, embarrassed. "I forgive you for everything," says Carla. Beau promises nothing will happen to her or Emily. "I will always love you," Beau tells her, holding her hand near the fire.

Avery somehow found herself in the care of Tonya and Donno, her arms and legs tied to cinder blocks and her mouth gagged. Donno is willing to have some progressive amputation fun with Avery, but Tonya wants to talk first. Avery removes his gag and tells them he has the $15 million. Tonya thinks she's lying since Paige was the only one who knew the keyword sequence, but Avery says she's an Amazon and it was easy to figure out. He tells them the money is in a safe account and if they kill him no one will take anything. But if they help protect you, give them more money than the employer offered for it.

Gigi fills out a police statement against the Whitlow family at the police station. "Now I understand there's a certain appeal to putting bad guys in jail," he tells Jenny. "Then you'll understand why I can't let you go," says Jenny, while Poppernak follows Gigi and the woman. "Sometimes you really let me down Jenny Bear," Gigi says as they join her. "Getting back to you," Jenny replies, "and I love you too."

Cormac (Luke Mitchell) is sitting at the bar drinking at Boot Heel. A woman sits next to him and he turns to find his mother Sunny asking her what she told Cassie about her family. "It's between her and me," he replies coldly. Sunny is upset that Cormac chooses Cassie over his own family, but tells her mother that she chose herself when she lied to him. "Your father is drinking again," he warns her. "I think I might have done something wrong." Cormac shakes his head and sighs. "Anything can be buried under enough lies, right mom?" He puts some money on the counter to pay the bill and gets up to leave, telling his mom, "I'm done."

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Emily stays with Denise, looks at the board to track down the Bleeding Heart Killer, and bemoans the bad coffee Emily made. Denise gives her some money and asks her to buy fancy drinks at the coffee shop across the street and orders a hazelnut latte, which Emily finds gross. Denise asks Cassie if she wants anything, but Cormac just called her and Jenny caught up with Sunny to get some answers.

"I love nutmeg too, Emily," says Tony (West Liang) as Beau's daughter takes her coffee order. "Do I know you?" she asks. Tony tells her he's just a "spice lover", which makes her uncomfortable. She asks him how he knew her name and he points to the mug, in barista script with her name written in big letters on it. Emily laughs as she takes the order and walks to the door. "Have a nice day," Tony says, walking to the window and watching Emily walk away. Then look at a red car. Tex (Lyle Lovett) is behind the wheel. Tony nods and orders his henchman to find her.

Next Wednesday, January 11tha BCI have an important question forbig skyFans - "Are you crazy?" That's the name of the 12th episode of the third season. Check out the episode description and come back after it airs for another interesting synopsis.

Jenny, Cassie and Beau learn the truth about the Bleeding Heart Killer, but before justice can be served, chaos ensues. Avery's involvement with Tony's crime family comes to a head; Emily and Denise are in grave danger; And despite her recent revelations, Sunny's family ties continue to unravel. While Cassie, Jenny and Beau work to clean up the mess, the killer is still at large and keeping no one safe.

past episodes ofbig skykeep streamingHalloand if you have the disney bundle you can watch donno's favorite movie,the fox and the dog, oneDisney+.

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