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Various tail injuries can occur in bearded dragons. This can worry their owners because, unlike other lizards, bearded dragons cannot regrow their tails.

Bearded dragon tail injuries can be major or minor events, leading to a variety of outcomes. For example, a bearded dragon can break its tail and suffer from a variety of diseases that damage the bone structure of its tail. Metabolic bone disease and tail rot are two such diseases.

Read on to learn about the different types of bearded dragon tail injuries, what to do if you think your bearded dragon's tail is broken, the most common reasons your bearded dragon's tail looks crooked, and more.


What are some types of bearded dragon tail injuries?

Bearded dragons can develop a variety of tail injuries throughout their lives. These can include larger and smaller events with different outcomes. For example, in addition to breaking their tails, bearded dragons can develop a form of rot that can cause the injured part of the lizard's tail to rot, die, and eventually fall off the lizard.

Here is a list of common bearded dragon tail injuries:

  • tail lazy:A bacterial infection that can occur when the tail is injured or damaged.
  • tail tip necrosis:Tissue death at the end of the tail, which can result from injury or poor circulation.
  • broken tail:A tear or fracture in the tailbone that can occur if the tail is pulled or bent too far.
  • nerve damage:Damage to the nerves in the tail, which can lead to paralysis or loss of function.
  • Mediopenal prolapse:A condition in which the male bearded dragon's reproductive organs protrude from the base of the tail.
  • tail bite:If two or more bearded dragons live in the same age, they may fight or simply mistake another bearded dragon's tail for food and bite the tail.
  • tail docking:In some cases, when the tail is severely injured or diseased, amputation may be necessary to prevent further damage.

What should owners do if their bearded dragon has a broken tail?

clean the wound

If your lizard has an open wound, you should treat it first to reduce the risk of infection, just like with any other type of injury. For example, if your bearded dragon breaksyour dickand the wounded section falls off, this can occasionally leave an exposed wound. In this case, owners can use a reptile-safe antiseptic solution to treat and clean this open wound.

However, owners should first consult their vet to ensure that their bearded dragon has not previously been sensitive to antiseptics. Your local reptile vet may also give you other medications to help your beard heal faster.

wound splint

In the case of a broken tail, an external splint, sling, or cast may be used to immobilize the tail until it heals. Keep in mind, however, that this splint only helps with minor fractures. This splint should also be adjusted every week for the next 4 to 6 weeks or until the tail has fully healed.

As long as your bearded dragon's activity is limited, this rail strategy is often very effective. External coaptation treatment, commonly known as external coaptation, is also more successful for fractures caused by bone demineralization. It is also recommended to rest in the cage during this time.

Time to visit your local vet

If your bearded dragon's tail is injured and you're not sure what to do to fix it, it's time to take him to the vet. Your vet can not only help you determine the exact source of the damage, but can also advise you on the best treatment plan for your unique bearded dragon.

Why is my bearded dragon's tail curled?

Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD)

Metabolic bone disease occurs when yourbearded dragon bonessoften and weaken due to calcium deficiency. Unfortunately, this can cause your bearded dragon's tail to curl.

If your bearded dragon has MBF, the lack of calcium will cause his bones to become brittle and break easily, while his muscles lose the ability to contract. Because of this, metabolic bone disease often leads to paralysis of the limbs.

bite the tail

Your bearded dragon's tail may bend from the bite. When a bearded dragon bites and bites into its tail, it is known as a tail bite. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including boredom, tension, and violence. A bearded dragon will also start biting its own tail if it doesn't get enough nutrients in its diet.

If you notice your bearded dragon eating its tail, take it to the vet immediately for treatment. Because the sooner you deal with tail biting, the less damage your bearded dragon can do to itself.

What do I do if your bearded dragon has a docked tail?

injuries tooTail of a bearded dragonThey are rarely fatal. With it, the vast majority can be served at home! For example, bearded dragon tail lesions can usually be treated with repeated soaking and an antiseptic ointment to prevent the infection from spreading.

Keep in mind, however, that over time, the final damaged piece will likely fall off with little to no damage.bearded dragon wound.

What is bearded dragon tail rot?

Tail rot is a condition in which the bearded dragon's tissue begins to die or rot away, usually near the tip of the tail. This injured area will also be dark in color. It is a common disease in reptiles that can be difficult to detect in the early stages, but can quickly become fatal if left untreated.

Tail rot primarily affects the tails of bearded dragons, but it can also be harmful.toes. Due to the lack of blood flow, the tail or toes become increasingly black, dry and brittle. It is also possible that the tail has lost all feeling. This is dying tissue and if treated the infection will spread to the tail and the rest of the body.

What are the signs of bearded dragon tail rot?

Your bearded dragon's tail will look dark, rotten, and dry if it gets tail rot. Tail rot usually starts at the tip of the tail and progresses upward. Also, tail rot should not be confused with bearded dragons, which have a naturally dark tail, which is quite common and perfectly normal. A naturally black cock doesn't look dry or sagging.

While these are some of the physical identifiers, you should study your lizard carefully for early signs of tail rot so a vet can treat the problem and prevent tail docking.

Can you treat tail rot at home, or should you take your bearded dragon to the vet?

Of course, your bearded dragon's tail rot should be treated as soon as possible by contacting a vet. If found early enough, a vet can treat his beard with antibiotics and other treatments to save his tail and improve his overall health.

However, if you are treating your bearded dragon at home, follow these simple instructions after consulting your vet:

1. To keep your bearded dragon's tail clean, wash it in warm water every day.

2. Soak your bearded dragon's tail, not the body, in warm water and betadine solution for 5 minutes every day.

3. Dry the affected area with a cotton swab and apply Neosporin.

4. Continue this treatment for a few days and watch the tail to make sure the rot hasn't spread to the rest of the body.

final thoughts

Bearded dragons can sustain a variety of tail injuries throughout their lives. These can be significant or minor events that can lead to a variety of results. Bearded dragons, for example, can break off their tails and develop a type of tail rot that causes the injured segment of the lizard's tail to rot, die, and eventually fall off.

If an injury occurs, owners should treat and clean the wound with a reptile-safe antiseptic solution and seek immediate help from their local vet.

If your bearded dragon's tail is injured and you're not sure what to do to heal it, take it to the vet. Your vet can not only help you determine the specific cause of the injury, but can also advise you on the best treatment plan for your pet.


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