Why is my phone battery draining so quickly? (2023)

Devices are becoming more energy efficient as batteries get larger, but battery life is still an issue for most users. That's the nature of modern technology, but that doesn't mean we have to get online multiple times a day. If your phone's battery is draining faster than it should, it pays to identify the culprits and find solutions.

We are here to tell you about the most common battery drain issues in the smartphone world. Solutions to the most common problems are also included. Let's do this before the screen goes dark!

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Reasons why your phone runs out of power so quickly:

  • Body
  • irregular service
  • to shape
  • how old is your phone
  • Other Battery Charges
  • Do you use 5G?

Editor's note:Some of the instructions in this article were created using aPixel 4a mit 5Gwith Android 13. Please note that some of these steps may be different for you depending on your hardware and software.

Take control of the screen!

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The screen has been the biggest battery consumer since there are modern smartphones. The panels are getting bigger, brighter and more colorful and show higher resolutions. we even have bigfoldable phonesand dual-screen devices now. While all of these improvements add to the overall experience, they also make smartphones more power hungry.

To check battery usage:

  1. open thisthe settingsapplication
  2. SelectBattery.
  3. tap onbattery consumption.
  4. Expand the section that says:System usage in the last 24 hours.

Check the battery usage and you will see that the screen takes the first place most of the time. At this point, my phone ranks the screen as the number one battery killer with 72% usage. Smartphone display technology is advancing much faster than battery technology, making battery life an even bigger problem to solve in the years to come. Until it gets better, you need to conserve energy.

Tips to reduce screen battery drain

  • Lower screen brightness:By lowering the screen brightness, you can significantly increase battery life.
  • Use adaptive brightness:This ensures you get a bright screen when you need it, but also saves battery life when high brightness isn't needed.
  • Reduce screen refresh rates:Some devices display screens with higher refresh rates and you can usually adjust this in the settings.
  • Reduce automatic blocking times:They make sure your screen isn't waiting to be used by reducing the auto-lock time.
  • Get rid of live wallpapers:You may look good, but your phone is essentially playing a video all the time, and that's draining your battery.
  • Use a black wallpaper:If you have an AMOLED screen, using a black background is the most energy efficient because the screen doesn't have to turn on those pixels. It is argued that the difference is not huge, but any help is appreciated.
  • Take advantage of smaller screens:Some phones likeSamsung Galaxy Z Lesbar 4mimotorola razr 5gthey have smaller external monitors. Try to use them more often than the larger screen when the extended screen isn't needed.

irregular service

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Areas with poor cell service are silent battery killers, which is even more annoying than missing the latest cat videos. Your cellphone is constantly communicating with nearby towers, trying to keep you connected every second of the day. Sometimes he can't and will work very hard to reach the net and get you back on the grid.

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If you live in a rural area, work in a huge building, or are often in areas with infrequent service, chances are your phone is having battery drain issues.

How to improve the signal to reduce battery consumption

  • Change of operator:Carrier reliability varies by area, city and neighborhood. Do your research, find out which provider works best in your areas of interest, and consider switching. We will help you with the searchthe best plans for each operator!
  • Use airplane mode:Öairplane modeFunction may force your antennas to pause. Turn off all connectivity and your phone won't be working very hard to stay connected. You can do this strategically when you are in places that you know have poor service. Alternatively, you can use smart tools likeIFTTTto automate Airplane mode by location.
  • Network extender:Operators often offer network extenders that use the internet to provide a signal. Consider purchasing if you know you will be in an area with infrequent service for an extended period of time. You can keep one at home or at work to ensure the signal is strong where you spend most of your time.
  • signal booster:Signal boosters can be expensive, but people trust them. These products have an external antenna that can record reception. The signal is then distributed throughout the house using an indoor antenna. A popular option is theWeBoost Home Studio OmniTeam.

To: Top 5 signal booster apps and other methods

Background apps and services

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Keep an eye on your apps when your phone's battery is draining fast. Certain apps drain your battery more than others. The obvious ones areYoutube,Netflix, miany streaming service. You might also want to avoidplay gamesto save power since they consume a lot of battery, especially if you like titles with cutting-edge graphics.

Many apps drain your battery without active use. Applications likeFacebook,parcel deliverer,Instagram, miWhatsAppThey are common. Communication services like these try to keep you connected and updated at all times. That means apps are constantly running in the background, using data, getting your location, sending you notifications, and more. Not to mention that we spend a lot of time using them, whether it's endlessly checking your feed or messaging friends and family.

How did I correct it?

  • Keep app downloads to a minimum:I often find that I only use about 20% of the apps I have on my phone. Meanwhile, these apps are always running in the background, draining your battery. Why did you? Clean and remove apps you know you don't need.
  • Prevent apps from running in the background:If you find that an app is using up too much of your precious juice, you can limit the background. just go toSettings > Apps > select an app > Battery > Restricted. Just keep in mind that you will lose some features and functionality as the app will be locked when not in use.
  • Close apps:While Android devices are built for multitasking and closing apps can do more harm than good, there are times when closing apps is your best bet. Apps can be rogue, misbehave, or crash; In this case, they often begin to drain the battery unnecessarily. It's good to close or exit the app to restart it when this happens. We go toSettings > Apps > select app > Force stop.
  • Pay attention to the use:Sometimes we say we want longer battery life, but find ourselves gaming, watching movies, and spending hours on social media. So we wonder why the phone dies before it gets home! Pay attention to what apps you use and how long you use them.

Got an old phone?

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How old is your smartphone? More specifically, how old is the battery? Smartphone batteries degrade over time (apart from constant heat). Age is the main reason why battery life decreases as the phone ages. This means that anyone using an older phone is likely to remember the good old days when the phone lasted much longer on a full charge.

You'll save a second or two of your phone's maximum battery capacity every time you charge it. Batteries use chemical reactions to store and process energy; No chemical reaction is infinite. The method has been optimized like crazy, which is why the batteries last so long initially. Also, batteries lose capacity even when you are not using them.popular mechanicsIt has agreat article on the subject here.

How did I correct it?

  • Buy a new phone!:It might sound a bit depressing, but if your battery is too old to work efficiently, there's nothing sensible you can do about it. We have a list ofbest cell phones far and wide.
  • Change battery: Phones with removable batteriesThey're scarce now, but if you use one you can buy a new battery and replace the worn one. If you have a phone with a non-removable battery (which you most likely have), you can open your phone and change the battery, but this requires some technical knowledge and involves some risks. You can also find a phone repair shop and let them do the work for you.

5G can drain your battery!

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5GTelephones are used much more frequently these days, making the latest in network technology an essential factor to consider. most likely5G connectivity drains your batteryMakes faster than you want. For starters, higher speeds require more power.

There is also the problem of the irregular signal. As mentioned earlier in this article, phones use many resources to find a signal when it is unavailable. Since 5G is not that widespread yet, there is a high possibility that you have poor 5G service in your area. Your phone will work overtime to get a 5G connection.

Also, calls and SMS will still work over 3G or 4G networks. 5G only transmits data. That means that even though your phone is connected to 5G, it's also connected to other networks to make everything work.

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Your best bet is to turn off 5G. Even if you have an excellent 5G connection in your city, you might not even need the fastest speeds. 4G LTE is very good for occasional use.

turn off 5G

  1. open thisthe settingsapplication
  2. To enterNetworks and Internet.
  3. UnderSIM, select your SIM card.
  4. tap onpreferred network type.
  5. Select4G.

Other battery problems and tips

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  • GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth:How often do you use these antennas? I know I always leave them on, but I rarely let them work.GPS,W-lan, miBluetoothThey use up the battery, even a little. Turn them off when you don't need them and you'll notice an increase in battery life.
  • Camera:Taking photos and videos requires a lot of power. Avoid doing this too often and your phone will last longer.
  • Are you cold?:Lower temperatures have a significant impact on battery life. Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions, tellsUnited States todayprevent lithium-ion batteries from discharging electricity in extreme cold. He mentions that constant exposure to cold can permanently damage the battery. A good solution is to keep your phone close to you so your body temperature will keep it warm.
  • To be up-to-date:Software updates often bring improvements in battery life, so it's always a good idea to update your phone to the latest software version.
  • Get a portable charger:A proper battery will keep your phone going longer without tying it to a wall. Here's a list of our favorites.portable battery chargers.
  • Charge faster:Keeping your phone active longer is great, but charging it as quickly as possible is just as important. learn howChoose the right charger.

More: The best battery saving apps.

If after all these solutions you still can't hold your phone for a whole day, it might be time to switch to a new phone. You shouldn't settle for just any phone. There are devices with excellent battery life; canCheck out our favourites.


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